Google's job search feature comes to United Kingdom

  • Google is well aware of the AI's power .When its used for good purposes it can help to diagnose various diseases like cardiovascular disease etc.
  • Now it has been step into the Job has started its service of job searching  in 2017 for US users.
  • Finally now it came up for the UK jobseeker's.
  • Google make the searching of jobseeker's has came up with ample options.
  • In google search engine just type "Jobs near me" hit enter.
  • You will get the jobs near by was categorized with salaries and all relevant information.
  • If you get signed in with can calculate the travel time with maps.
  • you no need to scroll down often.using google's AI power it can show up your relevant and interested jobs.
  • Also it has been launched in several countries like India and Canada.

use the feature of google and find jobs.jobseeker's.Share the news and follow my blog for latest news and tech etc.

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