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TheNextSpy, The Technology Blog is written and owned by me, Jenish. I am from the Southern Part of Tamilnadu in India.  I am a working professional in a part of the IT sector. Blogging is the passion to share my knowledge and to learn the most ever good things which I found. My daily motive is to learn something new. What I have learned I will convey with a blog post in a simple way.

"Don't tell people your 

dreams 👀

Just Show them"

First of all, I am thanking you for visiting mine about me page. I do know which post made you look up my about me page. If anything like that. Please comment.

There is a fact that

 "If you can't explain simply, you don't

 understand it well enough"

In my blog post, I will share with you a lot of things related to today's technology. Though I am not proficient I am a learner. Support my blog! if you are interested follow my blog. I will update some interesting things to keep your eyes open.

If you have any doubts related to any of the technology??. I can help you with a new blog post. First I will learn then I may help you with a simple blog post. Or you can send me a mail.

Note: I am not a professional writer I do make mistakes. If you found any mistakes please let me know. 


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Contact at - admin@thenextspy.com
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