Netflix will let you use their service with no subscription for two days in India

Netflix which is one of the top OTT platforms has slightly moved with a brand new approach to gain more users.  Netflix is one of the topmost OTT services in the US and some more countries. But in India, the company cannot grow its service as much as expected. Because India holds Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee, and many more OTT services. So it is a nightmare for Netflix to sustain and grow itself in the Indian market.

You all know that India is the second-largest Internet market. Making a sustainable landmark in India can provide even more growth in its services. Netflix has already launched some new subscription plans for users in India. Netflix has taken many steps to gain its users in India. So by this time Netflix had come up with a new way to attract users. 

In its Q3 earnings call, Netflix reported that the company is choosing a different marketing strategy to gain more users. The company calls it StreamFest.

What is StreamFest?

Netflix is planning a two-day event for users across various markets. During that event, Netflix will allow Non-Subscribers to stream its Library. So anyone with no subscription to Netflix plan can able to watch their content for free. Netflix is focusing that its new marketing strategy could attract more users to sign up across their services.

Already Netflix is started to kill its Free trial plan services across the US. This may be for other countries too. So this new marketing could gain some attraction to their services.

The StreamFest will kick off on December 4th, Variety Confirmed.

Netflix has announced that it is hosting the new StreamFest event in India first.

What's your thought about Netflix's new Marketing Strategy.

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Song Lyrics has Forgotten | Just Hum the Song | Google throws you the result

The most awaited feature by Google was rolled out. Most people can remember the Song tune but they can't remember the lyrics of the song. For those people here is the solution by Google. Google has rolled out "Hum To Search" a new feature for all users across the world. You can use this feature in Google app or Google Assistant and in Apple IOS.

How this "Hum To Search" Feature works?

All know about Google it holds a huge collection of data across various sources. Youtube is owned by Google Which has a huge collection of songs in it. So when the user Hum a song Your Smarphone records and transfer the data to the server which runs a Hum Recognition feature in it. Google had done this by Machine Learning Models by transforming the audio into a number based sequence representing the song Melody. Then Google compares the captured sequence to the giant existing song list. When a good match found for your Hum(tone) sequence. Google will throw that in your search result. 

Also, the company says it trained these models on Humming, whistling, and human singing as well as Studio recordings. So it is very clear that Google can recognize your tone and provide the best results.

How to use it?

  • Open Google app or Google Assistant.
  • Type "What's the Song" and search.
  • Now you can get a listening screen. That's it Google Starts recording your Voice.
  • Hum, whistle, or sing a song. The very next minute Google will throw you the perfect match of the song
  • that's it enjoy.

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Facebook will pay you for Deactivating your Facebook account

Reading the title can surprise you a lot. How Facebook can pay for Deactivating your account?

Sounds Interesting right

But it is 100% Real. Great news for US people

A recent Facebook Blogpost claims that Facebook is looking for people who Deactivate their accounts from Facebook for more than a month.

Why does Facebook ask Users to Deactivate their accounts?

The main idea behind Facebook behinds this move is to make up research based on How Social Media Impacts on Democracy?. You all are aware of the news that Facebook unfairly interfered with influencing the Results of the 2016 election in the US. Most government has villainized Facebook for this. So now Facebook has set up an Independent study among its users how much it affects the voters?. In the Blogpost from Facebook, it mentions A new research is to be conducted to analyze How Facebook and Instagram create an impact on Key political attitudes and behaviors during the US 2020 Election.

So to Conduct this study Facebook is going to pick up 300,000 - 400,000 US adults to participate in this study. 

Facebook Pays for you

According to TechSpot Facebook also pays for participants $20 per week

So now all will get a question Just Deactivating my Facebook account for a month can gain me $20 per week. But here is a small glitch.

You cannot voluntarily participate in this study. Facebook runs an Algorithm to pickup the Participants. The participants who are selected will be contacted by Facebook. 

What work Participants can expect?

The participants of this study can be asked to undergo various surveys, behavioral Data Analytics, Multiple research methods, and also changes in their user experience. For Eg: You will see fewer Ads related to Politics. Also, you will come up with new products experience.

Note: US Adults can only participate in this study.


Study Result will be published in the mid 2021


Comment your Opinion on this. Also notify whether you are part of the study..


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Can you Imagine Just by walking you can earn Rewards ?

If any one says to you that you can earn Rewards while walking. 

What will be your answer?

It is very hard to believe right. But here is the way for that.. 

In this Blogpost we will go through how one can gain Rewards by Just Walking.

Let's get into it


Nowadays walking is a very hard task for all the people. As people update themself to current technology so everything can be done within the smartphone. For Eg : You can order food online within few minutes your foods are at your doorstep. Likewise lot of services are available in the market to counter the way we work in early days. Due to this rapid revolution in technology Many of the people are facing lot of health problem. Like, Food delivery completely stops for going hotel to buy foods. So people are nowadays not conscious about their health. So here is the startup named Step Set Go that motivates people to Walk. Even the way this startup motivates a bit different. Can you Guess How?



official Website : StepSetGo

What StepSetGo did here?

Step Set Go track the steps of the user and rewards based on how many steps the user have walked throughout the day. They have developed various strategy to keep users stay motivated. 


How you get rewarded?

StepSetGo have a unique coins based system. The coins are called as SSG(StepSetGo).

  • Every 1000 Indoor Steps you will be rewarded with 1 SSG Coins.
  • Every 1000 Outdoor Steps you will be rewarded with 1.25 SSG Coins.


So now you will get a question with this SSG coins how i can get rewards and How can i redeem it?

StepSetGo owns a Bazaar within the application. So the rewards which you have earned through walking can be redeemed in the store(Bazaar). Step Set Go have partnered with lot of top brands to provide its users even more engaging with the service. This Bazaar hold lot of offers and products which the user can make use of it. 

Some of the deals from Step Set Go Bazaar


For 7999 SSG Coins you can buy PlayStation 4 for free.


For 14999 SSG Coins you can buy Iphone XR for free.


For 1799 SSG Coins you can buy Sony on-ear Stereo Headphones for free.

Even more products.


Whether StepSetGo is Safe?

You don't need an active internet connection to track your steps. The app track the steps you have walked even without Internet. At any time if you are connecting the app to the internet. Your Steps are updated. So comparing to other apps StepSetGo Doesn't track user location to the extent.


Download Link for Android StepSetGo 


Download Link for IOS StepSetGo


Download and install. you are well set. Start walking.


So walk, Stay Healthy

Get Reward


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Showcase Yourself to the World with Google Virtual Card | People Card

Getting insights into your Profile on the Internet is a tedious way nowadays. The Internet is flooded with a lot of information. So getting your profile recognizable to other people on the Internet is a hard task. But hereafter you don't need to be a celebrity to do so. As you all know Google is the Internet Giant which holds a huge amount of information. Now Google has introduced a new way to showcase yourself to the Internet. Google launched a new service called People Card in India. 


What is People Cards?


People Card - With People Card, you can showcase your business, Passion, or Portfolio when people search for you on Google. Hereafter You don't have to be famous to get higher on Google search anymore. Creating a People Card will provide you wide access to your Information to be found online. Simply, we can say this People Cards as a Virtual Visiting Card for People on the Internet Like a form of Identity Card. In People Card, You can highlight information like your Email address, Phone Number, Website, Location, and Social Profiles( Facebook, Linkedin, etc). The Main motto behind People Cards is to Make your Profile Notable to Online World and the other people can reach you soon through Internet.


Only for Smartphones


Google has launched People Cards only on Google search in Smartphones that means you can't use this feature on the Web. As of now the People Card Available only in English. In the future, more language will be introduced. Also, you can access this feature only in India. Till now no information from Google for other countries. Maybe in the future, it will roll out.


How to Create a People Card?


  • First, make sure you have signed in with your Google account.
  • Type Add me to search in the search bar and search.
  • The very first prompt Google will throw at your result.
  • Now you can add your image, Links to Social Profiles, Location, and so on.



Note: Make sure your name is correct in the Google account. Because when you are signed in and creating your People Card Google will fetch the name as given in your Google account. You can't edit it manually. So make sure to give your name in Google account as required in People cards.



  • That's it. You are ready.
  • Your card will be visible on Google search with the next few hours after successful submission. 



How Google Safeguard your cards?


Users of Google People Cards are authenticated with your Google account and Unique Mobile Number. This can prevent duplication. Also, Google has given users complete control of their Cards and the information. You can remove or delete it as you want. On deleting the card your card will not be shown in search results.


Note : Each People Card holds a unique Mobile number. ie) You cannot add two people cards with same mobile number.


This is the most asked question


What if you have a Common name?


India holds about 130 crores of population. Commonly, your name can be shared with some others. As of now the only way you can find is to categorize the card information by their occupation, email, location, Image, etc.


If your details are misused by some others like Your card information are stealed and with that stealed information spoofers can map a new People Card which looks like your card. In this case, you can report to Google Immediately.


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Trick to read paid article for free

Reading a newspaper is of an old trend. Now everyone in the world relies on online articles. Almost every news channel, as well as newspapers, have spotted their footprints on the Internet. Providing epaper facilities and also several magazines now rely on the Internet world. So this is the time where we can explore the high-quality content in one place. But nowadays many News media are turned towards an online subscription model to provide even more quality. So that they can regain its users

Most of the news sites are filled with a lot of Ads. So if you are subscribed member on a particular news channel website you can view their website without Ads. Also, subscribed members can view all the quality journals where non-subscriber users cannot access those.

In this blog post, I can guide you on how to access paid articles for free?

It is a two-step process

First copy the article link which you are willing to read. Now go to and paste the copied link. You are done. Now you can view the paid articles for free. 

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watch the below video 

If the above method doesn't work. we have another simple way to bypass the paid article with this extension

Follow the Below Steps

  • If you are using Google Chrome or Edge browser click here.
  • A file will start to download once you click the above link.
  • Extract the file.
  • Now go to Chrome. Open a new tab and type Chrome://Extensions in search bar and click enter.
  • Turn on to the developer mode.
  • Now click on Load unpacked and browse the extracted file and upload the entire folder.
  • that's it you are done.

Video demo 

To know more about this extension click here 
Note this extension support only limited websites
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Access Wikipedia without Internet

Good news for all the Internet users across the world. Hereafter we can have access to Wikipedia without the Internet. Most of the people who use the Internet must hear the term called Wikipedia Which is the Giant Library that holds a lot of information. To be honest, Wikipedia holds all the term explanation, Life history of the person, the Life cycle of all the living organisms. But the only drawback is that to access Wikipedia we need the Internet. But recent study showcase that 4 Billion people across the world don't have access to the Internet. So here is the new era that is going to change all over the world.

In this Blogpost, I will guide you on the way to access Wikipedia without the Internet.

So first you need to know some process which happens at the backend of the Wikipedia systems. You all know Wikipedia is owned by Non-profit organization.

Wikipedia routinely makes the Dump of their Public Databases for regular intervals. As of now, No image dumps are available. You can find their dumps on this link Wikipedia Dumps. These Dumps are taken once or twice a month. Because daily many writers are updating new information on the Wikipedia pages. So to stay updated Dumps are taken out in a meantime.

Now you might have a question so we need to download all the dumps to access Wikipedia offline right? The answer is no.

Here is another non-profit organization that makes this happen? 


Kiwix is an offline reader for online content like Wikipedia. The vision of Kiwix is to serve information to people locally without the Internet. Kiwix also tries to back up the content offline for the websites Project Gutenberg and Stack Exchange. Kiwix is also accessed by people in country where Wikipedia is blocked. So Kiwix converts the dumped data by Wikipedia and compresses it into an archive file (ZIM). The dump made on June 23, 2020, was compressed by Kiwix. This was the latest compress done by Kiwix.

How to access Wikipedia offline?

  • Download Kiwix for Desktop or Apple or Android devices. You can use it on any device. Download appropriately for your Operating system.
  • Once downloaded you will be asked to download the ZIM File. This is the internal library that needs to download to access Wikipedia offline. This is the file which is converted by Kiwix.
  • Once you have downloaded you are on the way to enjoy Wikipedia offline.
Note: the ZIM file is a large-sized file. The current converted dump file is of 89GB is size.

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Facebook Brilliant move over TikTok Ban unveils Instagram Reels

After Banning the 59 Chinese apps in India. A lot of other app firm is thriving to catch the marketplace in India. TikTok which is banned by the Indian Government has created a lot of criticism with the content creators. TikTok has a very strong user base in India. TikTok holds about 200million active users in India. Comparing with other countries India has the leading user base for TikTok. Banning the TikTok app in India made a huge loss to Bytedance which is the technology firm that owns TikTok. It is estimated that TikTok loses nearly 6 Billion dollars.

So to catch up on the TikTok marketplace in India many technology firms are rolling out the TikTok cloned app. These new apps offer the same features as TikTok provides it, users. Already a lot of the new apps rival to TikTok are launched in India like Chingari, Moj, Triller etc.

But now the other big technology giant has stepping into the Indian market to catchup the TikTok Market place. So this time it's Facebook. As you all know that Facebook owns Instagram. Last week Facebook announced that it is going to launch Instagram Reels in India. Already Facebook has developed a short video streaming app like TikTok in the US named Lasso. Now Facebook is going to shut down the Lasso video sharing platform. 

Why Facebook shutdown Lasso?

Lasso is the rivalry app developed by Facebook to catch up with the TikTok marketplace in the US. But Lasso does not shine in the US. TikTok also had a good user base in the US. Now the US also planning to Ban TikTok app. So to stand-in with the market, Facebook plans to shut down Lasso. And focused its concentration on developing Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is a new platform developed by Facebook to catch up on the user base of TikTok. Because Instagram also owns a wide user base in India. So adding Instagram Reels within the Instagram app will enable the user to switch easily. This can make Facebook possible to catchup with new users.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new platform for content creators to showcase their talents as made in TikTok. Instagram Reels is embedded in the Instagram app. So that users can share the videos with their audience in a simple manner. Instagram also holds wide user base in India. So this is the right move by Facebook to catch the market in India.

Instagram Reels lauch

Instagram started to roll out the new Instagram reels within the Instagram app when the user updates to the latest version of Instagram. 

What do you think about the Facebook move?

Comment your opinion

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How Google and Apple Covid-19 Contact tracing app works

As Covid-19 is hitting hard day by day across all over the world. So to minimize the spread and to prevent the exposure from the Corona Virus many of the technology firms have to step into the development of the Contact tracing app. As you all know only by following social distance and by wearing a mask you can avoid getting exposure to the virus. Most of the people all over the world use smartphones from getting the news to all day to day activities. So social distancing can be possible with the help of smartphones. 

So Now Google and Apple joined hands to develop a contact tracing API that can be used by the Contact tracing app that are developed by every country. Most of the companies have started to develop its own contact tracing app as soon as the coronavirus started to emerge. This time Google and Apple have come up with a solution to get to the technology even better. 

What is Contact tracing API?

Google and Apple just developed the contact tracing API or framework that can be used by the contact tracing app developers to make use of it. Many companies are joined hands in developing the contact tracing app. So this Google and Apple platform might be very helpful for the app developers.

How Google and Apple contact Tracing API works?

To make this possible Google and Apple rely on the old technology Bluetooth. Though Bluetooth consumes less power this can prevent draining the battery. Because for a successful way of working the app might require flawless Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection will be active in the background. So in the background, your phone will be getting logging in other phones which pass nearby(Assuming both devices must be enabled with contact tracing app). The logs do not hold any of your personal information. Moreover, these logs are tracked by the decentralized numerical codes. So if any coronavirus affected people passes nearby the phone will create an alert. Notifying you to maintain social distancing and to move out of the place.

Every 14 days the old logs will get deleted. (Which is the incubation period of COVID-19).

How to enable this service in Android and Apple?

Note : your smartphone must installed with any of the contact tracing app for the below settings to work. 

In Android phones 

  • Settings-> Google -> Covid-19 exposure notification-> Turn on to use.
In Apple

A recent update of IOS from Apple can enable this service.

  • Settings -> Privacy -> health -> Covid-19 exposure logging -> Turn on to use
Read privacy guidelines before you opt for this service.

Maintain social distancing and wearing masks can prevent all people from exposure to coronavirus.

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Want to get rid of Chinese apps? Here is the list of alternate apps

#BoycottChineseapps this Hashtag is trending all over India for the past few days After the clash took place between India and China. Most of the Chinese products are used by Indian people. Border tensions with china made Indian people stay away from Chinese Products. Government also advises that data collected with these app might be mislead by the firms. Most of the people are uninstalling the apps and also pledged not to use China-based apps. So now many of the Indian people are searching for the alternative app for china based apps. 

In this blog post, I have to bring out some of the alternative apps for the China-based app. Based on your interest you can also select another suitable alternative app. Here I have come up with my recommendation. Each app download link also I have included. I hope it helps.

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Watch Ad free youtube Videos in your browser with this simple trick

Many of the YouTube users are finding ways to override the Ads provided by YouTube. So if you are a user who is also keen on blocking YouTube Ads then this Blogpost is for you.

Nowadays YouTube is flooded with Plenty of Ads. Before two years YouTube has revised many of the Ads policies and guidelines to support many of the YouTube Content creators. But for the YouTube Users, this is a piece of very sad news. But there are plenty of ways to get rid of YouTube Ads Which are used by many YouTube users across the internet. But every way has its impact.

Many of the browsers hold the extension in their stores to block the YouTube Ads. Nowadays each popular browser has its Ads blocking technology added with its browsers.

Later Google also introduced YouTube Premium plans for users who are rid of YouTube Ads. But this is a paid subscription plan.

Here I am going to explain a simple way to block Ads on YouTube while watching in your browser on your computer. But it doesn't work well in Mobile browsers.

  • Open Chrome or any other browsers on your PC.
  • Go to Youtube.
  • Click on the video you are willing to watch.
  • Now go to the address bar of the video and add the . after the hostname of

here is the example

     This is the normal URL for YouTube Videos

Now add a . after com to override the Ads as shown below


add a . after the Youtube host name. That's it. Enjoy YouTube without Ads.

Video demo

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How to Check your Online Accounts are safe or hacked?

Whether you are an Internet User? Then you may come across the term called Create account, Sign up, Login and so on

First You need to know about What happens when you create an account or Sign up to any website?

When you create an account or Sign up to a website. First the website might ask you about the Email address and User name, Etc. This is based upon the website's preference and their policy to collect data from the user. So once you fill up your details then it will ask you to verify your email by sending a link or OTP. So this is the basic process you can find when you sign up or create an account on any website all over the internet.

All of the information provided by the users to the website are stored in a database in the cloud or on-premise data centers.

Now you may know how many websites you have signed up?.

Data breach

You may find this word a lot on the internet Nowadays. Many of the websites are being hacked and all the data on the website are steeled by the hackers and most of the user data are in a sale on the dark web. 

Now you can ask How I can find my data is hacked?

Most of us are failed to remember how many websites they have signed up?

Sometimes the website you have signed up may suffer from a data breach. So from the user end you won't be aware of it. This might cause users even more vulnerable to hackers. Though all the data are already breached. From the stolen data the hacker can get your password and he can further compromise your other online accounts.

Here is the simple way to keep track of online accounts whether it is safe or not?

First we can see how this process works?

This process is done by searching the giant database of hacked and breached data. You all just heard about the website Have I Been Pwned. This Website holds up the Giant database of user data which are affected by massive data breach and hacks. But here we are going to use the Firefox Monitor service. Firefox monitor uses Have I Been Pwned database to search your query. Data breaches are also updated on the website in the daily basis.

Step by Step process to check whether your online accounts are safe?

                                                           FireFox Monitor

  • Browse the website in your browser or search in Google Firefox Monitor. You will be landed up on the webpage.

  • In the search bar enter your Email address which is linked with online accounts. or you can also search for any of your emails.
  • Now click search for breaches.

So here my email linked with canva website is compromised or breached.

  • If your online account is compromised in any of your breach linked with the email which you have searched. It will show up the website or service name from which your data is hacked.
  • If your online accounts are not compromised in any breach then a message will popup stating

             This email appeared in 0 known data breaches.

  • That's it.
  • You can also sign in to firefox and subscribe to alerts. So if any breach linked with your mail will be notified to you.
  • stay safe.

What you should if your data is breached on any of the websites?

  • Change the password immediately.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Before signing up for a website. make sure it is safe.

Any doubt Comment below

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Alert!! Whether Xiaomi Spying on its Users - TheNextSpy

Are you a Xiaomi Smartphone user? Then you need to know about this

Xiaomi is one of the leading Smartphone manufacturers across the world has caught up with the Privacy issue against its users. Since Xiaomi was famous for its Budget based Smartphone Segment. Most of the users are relying on Xiaomi phones with this budget based Segment. But now all the Xiaomi users are in a Serious Privacy concern. A security researcher traced that Xiaomi is collecting data from its Xiaomi user's smartphone without users Knowledge. 

First of all, everyone needs to know that Xiaomi is the manufacturer of Redmi, MI, and  POCO smartphones. These are the brands are fully owned by Xiaomi. But they come under the categories called Sub-brand. So this privacy concern is for all the users who are using Redmi, MI, POCO smartphones. Also, these Smartphones comes under its own Customized OS MIUI ROM.

Now let us go through how Xiaomi Collects or steals Data from the user.

Every Xiaomi owned Smartphones are coming with the Xiaomi Default browser named MI Browser. When user tries to search or browse in this browser. All the user data and activity are collected and send to remote servers located in China, Singapore, and Russia. Even when the users browsing the web in Incognito mode data are being collected and send it to the remote servers. But now you will come up with fact that this type of data collection are done by all the brands. Most of the brands collect data from the user to personalize and improve the user experience. But Xiaomi is beyond one step further they are Collecting the activity of users even when the users Browsing in the incognito mode. So this is a serious concern. Also, the browser records the App which has been opened by the user.

Remote servers are not owned by Xiaomi

All the user activity is collected and packaged up and sent it to the remote servers in Singapore and Russia through the web domain they were hosted registered in Beijing. Servers are owned by Alibaba Cloud. Another issue appears to be with the encryption followed while transferring data to the remote servers. Xiaomi uses Base64 encryption standard. This is a poor encoding and it can be easily decoded and it takes seconds to view the garbled data into a readable format. So by this, another privacy concern is questioned over Xiaomi.

Xiaomi owned Browsers vs Other Browser

Xiaomi owned two browsers MI Pro and Mint Browser which were made available in PlayStore are also collecting the same data as same as MI Browser. Others Browsers are collecting the data from the user for their user data analytics and crash reports. But Xiaomi is collecting lot of data from its browser. Most of the new flagship smartphones by Xiaomi are also come up with the same browser code. So, in the same way, they will be collecting data from the users.

Whether Xiaomi Sent the data to the third party?
Xiaomi appears to have another reason for collecting data from the users. To better understand its user behavior. Xiaomi is partnered with a sensor analytics company called sensor data to perform data analytics over its users. Most of the App in Xiaomi are also sending data to the domains that appeared with reference Sensor analytics. So there is an API called SensorDataAPI.
Also, the Default music app owned by Xiaomi is also sending user behavior to Its servers. To have a deep analysis of user behavior.

This is not the first

Already Xiaomi was caught in Various Privacy concerns against its users. Last year a Reddit user claimed that Xiaomi is pulling its advertisement in its Settings App. This also raised a serious concern. Most of this data is also being collected to target users with Most personalized ads. Since Xiaomi told once that Company most of the revenue comes from Running Ads.

Xiaomi Response 

On May 3 company announced that in the upcoming update Xiaomi will fix the browser for sending user details to Chinese servers. Also in Incognito mode, the company will offer an option to users to turn on/off data aggregation data collection for Better managing the user information.

But as of now if you keen on privacy then Don't use MI owned Browsers. There is plenty of other browsers you can use any of them.

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