How to Delete yourself From Facebook

                   After the Cambridge analytica data breach the privacy of customers in Facebook has questioned.

Many of the people are stop using Facebook and many are tried to delete their account in Facebook.

Deleting account from Facebook server is a tedious process however we can try .

So here i am providing a guideline to delete your account from Facebook.

  • log in Facebook 
  • First go to setting and Download your entire copy of the Facebook will take some days.after your copy of Facebook is ready.the attachment will be sent to your respective Mail.
  • Make sure to delete all the entire photos and videos and your personal details to remove from Facebook.
  • To do this process even more simple.Go to google chrome extension manager and add the extension social book post this extension you can delete your posts by one click.
  • make sure that you cannot retrieve the data once it gets deleted.
  • Now you are ready to delete your Facebook account.
  • Go to setting Delete my Facebook account and delete.
  • make sure to take the backup of data before you delete.
  • it takes upto 90 days to delete your details from Facebook server.however they do not use your data.

social book post manager click here

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