Huawei Honor 10 has revealed

  • Huawei honor 10 has made an record during its online sale.
  • Among various mobile brands honor 10 has made an big history breaking sale.
  • The mobile is released on May 2018 till now it has sold out more than 30lakhs mobiles.
  • This report has been given by their company's official twitter page and they have thanked their customers for the support.
  • The very first month of sale it has sold over 10lakhs mobiles.
  • XDA Developers has given the report that 
  • In online market the most saled blockship smartphone is Honor 10.
  • In Russia the most saled smartphone between Rs.27,500-30,000 is also made by the honor 10.
  • In France the second most saled smartphone between Rs.23,900-31,800 is also made by the honor 10.

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