Momo Challenge Game pushing teens to suicide on WhatsApp | After Blue Whale Challenge | Be careful

                         After Blue Whale challenging game,A new game have emerged all over the world pushing teens to suicide on WhatsApp.Name of the Game called Momo Challenge.


                         This Momo challenge Was vitally spreading through the Facebook owned Platform and a Social Messaging service called WhatsApp.The game is As similar to that of Blue Whale challenge.

What is Momo challenge???

                          Momo Challenge is a Suicide inducing game being spread on WhatsApp Wherein a disturbing picture of a sculpture is being forwarded in WhatsApp along with the instructions.The game is targeting the Teenagers.Game is based on challenges.

What is that image??

                           The sculpture image has reportedly created by the Japanese artist Midori Hayashi.Neither the Sculpture nor the artist is not relevance to the game.

Effect of Momo game

                            The Momo game challenge has linked to the death of the 12year old Argentina girl as per report by Buenos Aires Times.Cops in Argentina are searching for whom the girl exchange those messages.

How to be safe??

  • Don't click on to Unknown links in WhatsApp.
  • Teenagers very careful on Dealing with Social media platforms.
  • Don't save any unknown numbers in WhatsApp.
  • Don't allow the media to download automatically in WhatsApp.

Stay  safe .


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