Google Map users Stay Alert

Google provides a lot many numbers of services to its users all over the world in that Google Map is one of the very useful and top hit service across the globe. Millions of people are using daily to navigate and in search of places, Hotels etc. One of the very much trusted service by all the users. But now hackers find a better way to scam the users from the Google Map. Most of the people getting trapped.

Google Map Scamming

Google Map Scamming does not require any coding skills and hacking skills. The scammers are using the wild level part of the technology. That is they are misusing the technology growth. This Google Map scam is done by manipulating or changing the data that Google Displays on the Map. In India, fraudsters get caught to the CyberCrime police for this Google Map Scam.

How does this work?

I already Said this scam does not require any Coding or Hacking skills. This scam is done only by the changing the data on the Google Map.
When the user Search a place in the Google Map Eg: Hotel or local banks. He or she will get the contact information of the Hotel or Bank like Contact number, Mail id. Here are the scammers plays a vital part. The scammers will change the bank email or contact number of the respective banks. Now when the users contact the number or Email id. The Scammers will talk like that of the bank and they try to get your banking details of the users. They will empty the account within 15 minutes. Now you will get a doubt about how this data can be changed by the scammers in the Google Map.

The Google Map data can be suggested and edited by any of the users to make the up to date information about the place and to provide users a better experience. But this type of bad suggestion and edit are done by the scammers to fraud the people.

How Google Map Scams can be avoided??
  • Verify the Provided Email id and contact number of the place by visiting their official website.
  • Don't blindly believe the information provided especially for banks.
  • If the Contact number is mobile number definitely verify twice the details provided.
  • According to true caller Report, India is the first country where a large number of Spam calls are generated. 
How it can be minimized ??

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