Quora Users Change Your Passwords Immediately TheNextSpy Reveals

                         Quora Knowledge sharing company has gone into a massive data breach.Affecting nearly 100 millions of user data.gonna be a big data breach in the Quora's history.Although Quora is the better knowledge sharing community.The website was started by the two former Facebook employees  D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever.


How this happen???

                          This massive data breach was happened on Friday November 30th 2018.The cause of this attack is by the "Malicious third party" gained an unauthorized access to the Quora systems and servers.More over Quora has monthly active users of about 300 million plus users.


Following details are compromised by the data breach
  • Account information including Login credentials such as Email address,including name and the encrypted password,Settings and the personalized data.
  • Answers,questions are also compromised.
  • Linked account information such as Google,Linkedin,Facebook also accessed.not your linked accounts gets hacked only what you share with quora gets acessed.

Not affected by data breach
  • Anonymous questions and answers are not gained access because Quora will not save the data of the user in their systems.
  •  Quora also confirmed that the financial data's are safe.and further Quora added that Financial data's are not vulnerable.

Steps to be taken by users to save your data
  •  Quora will be sending information regarding the affected accounts by their Emails.so users kindly check the mail immediately.To confirm that you are safe.
  • Change the password immediately.
  • Unlink the linked accounts and stay secure even more.
  • Re login again.
  • Don't blindly believe the Third party websites.
  • stay secure.

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