Iphones are Spying you even in Midnight

Chief technology officer at Disconnect Patrick Jackson Who is also the Former national security agency Researcher has found that more than 5400 trackers are being active in the iPhone in one week to track and share the data of the users. This trackers also consumes 1.5GB of data in one month. This is a very serious concern about the privacy of iPhone users. Android users are also fed up with it.

              Technology developing rapidly day by day but there exists a serious concern about the privacy of the user. Apps are using trackers to track the user data to target the user in various aspects.

How This Privacy explode??

Patrick Jackson has hooked up his friends iPhone mobile and installed a Privacy Pro app which was used by the Washington post to monitor the tracker traffic. This method was handled to reveal the secret about the trackers to the users. The report was very much scary

The report is as follows

  1. On Monday midnight The iPhone was Busy even though the screen is off. Apps are sending out a lot of information about him to the companies.
  2. At 11.43PM - A company called amplitude learned the Phone number, Email, and exact location.
  3. At 3.58AM - Company called Appboy got a digital fingerprint of his iPhone.
  4. At 6.25AM - A tracker Demdex received a way to identify his Phone.
These are detailed were given by the Washington Post.

Apple has the option "background Refresh" in that Apps are refreshed in between certain interval depends on timing, data, etc.

Companies Which Tracks the Data in the background 

  • Uber and Lyft
          Since it is very much necessary for Uber and Lyft to track the user. By then they can function in the right way to pinpoint the location of the user and to serve the service better.
  • Credit cards and E-commerce
           Many credit card and E-commerce companies use a variety of signals to detect fraudulent transactions etc.
  • App developers
           App developers use trackers to learn about user activity. They can also make the best way to use the app by the user in a reliable way by identifying and validating the errors in user side.
  • Ads 
          Ads also targeted for users based on their activity. 

The privacy should be maintained 
Apple also has taken various steps to take the privacy concern of the user. But also there are many loopholes were trackers are installed on the iPhone. Apple should maintain a strong law over the applications in the AppStore. Before some years users are scammed by the scammers to get up their data but in today's world without the permission of users data are transferred to the companies.


Don't install unwanted Apps ....

Be safe

Even Apple is facing such an issue. Android ????

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