How to Donate and help Amazon RainForest??

Last three days we all came to know about very sensational news about One of the Most Important parts on Earth Which are Popularly called as Amazon. Amazon Rain Forest is also called as the Lungs of the Earth. Since it provides about 20 percent of Oxygen supplier all over the World. We can't imagine a life without the Amazon Rain Forest. But in today's world if the word Amazon Portrays anywhere we all came up in the mind about the E-commerce site. Since people are moving along with the technology world.

But this is a tough time we need to come up. Last three days we all came to know about the Amazon fires which are destroying the whole part of the Amazon. The whole world should be united to stay hands-on preserving the Amazon.

Many people have asked about How to Donate Amazon RainForest??

Since this question trended across the Google trends across the world.

In this blog, I have explained about how to Donate Amazon??

     In the aftermath of wildfires, many organizations are stepped out of its ways to help and save Amazon. But many of the people are with no idea of how to donate Amazon. So I have explained some of the ways.

Charity Navigator is a non-profit organization which evaluates charity organization across united states. By evaluating some of the charity organization from the charity navigator. I have mentioned some of the Charities which are conserving and preserving the Amazon RainForest. You can also donate to all the needs and help throughout the world to meet out the needs through this charity navigator.

Accepts donation across the people or organization. The donation money goes towards the Planning trees, Protect over 4 million acres of wild forest in western Amazon. They are doing this service for more than 15 years.

Fight against the climate change, Protecting the Northwest and Northeast of Amazon. Also enables in protecting Biodiversity of Amazon.

Partnered with Indigenous Communities to save the Rainforest, Also securing rights and protecting lands.

It has working Sine 1988. Serving and protecting lands on Amazon. Saves up to 23 million acres of forest land.

Fought against climate change and helping out frontline communities.

I have given some of the charitable trust which are working to save Amazon rainforest. Donate and save the world.


Many disasters have hit up the world. many of the Digital payments have joined hands to make the payment even simpler to help the affected people. But till now no payments have come up with it. So please join hands to help Amazon. It will reach to larger people.

Whether it will works ??

Please share your thoughts and share to your friends. 

                                        Save Amazon 

                                       Save the World



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