No Pin Numbers Needed || Fingerprint Debit Card is the Future

In today's technology era without using Smartphones, we cannot survive. At the same time, Digital Payments are also emerging rapidly. If you are the person Who uses Debit Card to Purchase things(Point of Sale)??. But you could feel annoying each time you make a payment in the Supermarket or other retailers by using your debit card. You may do some of the processes to make your payment. Such as you need to Swipe the card and Enter your Pin and so on. Not Good Right!!.
You may also hear of contactless cards but it has some restrictions such as if you are purchasing above 30 Euros only you can make payment using Contactless cards. Because of some security issues.

Here is the solution for you

In this Blogpost, I will share you about the future of the debit cards. Which makes your payment even simpler. The only need is the fingerprint.

Future Debit Cards

Since UPI payments are rolling all over the world and it also creates a simple way to purchase and spend money online. But all UPI based transaction is based on a UPI pin Since without the Pin you can't Make with the UPI. But the new debit cards in the future are focused on getting rid of the Pin Numbers. In alternate to the Pin Number, Fingerprints are used. This can create the next level of security in Debit Card Tech. And also make the payments even faster, Safer and reliable.

Why Fingerprint is focused??

In today's era, people are holding a lot of bank accounts in different banks such as salary accounts, Savings accounts, etc. Each bank provides you a Unique Debit Card and you should also maintain unique Pin number for that. So It is hard to remember pin numbers of all Bank accounts. Sometimes we may also get collapsed in the Pin Numbers what we have given?? This may be a common problem for all. another issue is that whenever you are making POS payments Some third person behind you can monitor the Pin number and you may get caught. To all these problems the only conclusion is the FingerPrint Sensor Debit Card.

Features of Fingerprint Debit Card

  • Remembering and Memorizing of Pin Numbers are not required.
  • Contactless Payments are done without limits.
  • FingerPrints provides you Good encryption for the card.
  • Users can Update the fingerprints by their own at home provided by the debit card reader.
  • Your Fingerprint data never leaves the card.

How this FingerPrint Debit Card Works??

  • When the Debit Card is kept in contact with card terminal.
  • The debit card is made of an Induction loop which transfers electric power from the card terminal machine.
  • This Electric power is required only to authorize the fingerprint of the user.
  • Fingerprint data is stored on the Microcontroller inside the card with strong encryption.
  • They are not transferred or stored in Bank Centralized servers.
  • No data breaches can cause you data at risk.  
This new fingerprint debit card is introduced by Gemalto - a Thales company.

Comment your opinion and ping me for doubts and queries.



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