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On living in technology and the digital world. There is a time when someone asks you What is a bird? and What is the name of that bird?. Damn sure in the future it will be. Even at the time of writing, this blog post people are forgetting about the presence of birds surrounded by them. To be honest, Many bird species all over the world are disappearing. So there will be one day on seeing a bird we are all going to get surprised and every people are in rush to take a photo with it. Birds are important to nature and it is a good species for our environment.

In the future seeing a bird is a tedious task. but on seeing a bird with your child or daughter. he/she might ask you what is that? and What is the name of the bird? But if you were not aware of the bird information it will be a real shame. Also, a lot of bird lovers and bird watchers need to learn about birds and need to get information about it. there is a simple way for this. Everyone in the world owns a smartphone. with the help of it, you can get information within a few clicks about birds which you see. Thanks for the innovative technology by Merlin Bird ID.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the steps on how to know the name of the birds you see within few clicks.

First, let us know about the technology behind this 

Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID is the application or platform developed by the Cornell Lab. Merlin was launched in the year 2014. the idea behind Merlin is to provide information about birds to people who are difficult to find about their species and type. Finding the name of the bird on seeing it is difficult. Hence you need to be an expert to figure it out. Merlin is going to be your guide for birds hereafter. Having Merlin with you will make you get details of any birds within seconds.

How Merlin works?

In Merlin, you can find the name of birds in many ways. You can take the picture of birds which you need to know about and answer some basic questions about the bird's appearance, Colour, and Behaviour. Date and location are Merlin's first foremost important questions( Because Merlin uses this Date and location information to match the latest location of sighting in eBird Database.) Once you have answered the question asked by Merlin. It crawls and matches your bird image, location, and size to ebird database. And provide you the best-matched result. Merlin uses deep learning and computer vision to make it more reliable for uses with good matched results. Merlin also uses a Macaulay Library which holds millions of images of birds. By using MerlinVision tool to draw boxes for millions of images for building good Computer Vision models.

Now everyone asks what is eBird Database?

eBird Database is a giant database that holds a collection of birds. This database is formed by photographers, Birdwatchers all over the world. for Eg: When a photographer takes a picture of the bird he/she upload this photo in eBird database followed by the location and date in which it captured. By doing this database formed a good model for Merlin and also for many research purposes used by Scientists etc. You will also be rewarded for your work in eBird. To know more about it Click here

Video Demonstration by Merlin on How to use their Application

Download link For Merlin 

Android - Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

IOS - Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

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