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In an Smartphone Era, What if i say 

Turning off your WIFI doesn't Actually Stop WIFI

Bit Strange right. Let's dig into it

A Large share of people across the world use Smartphone for all their day today activities. Since Everyone and Every thing connected to Internet. But day by day when Technology improves there must be an utmost need for users to take precaution on How to wisely and safely use Internet.


Nowadays we cannot find people who have not come across the word "WIFI"

From children's to Adults everyone aware of the Term "WIFI"

Though WIFI is one of the most technology breakthrough, There has been lot of privacy issues are emerging against it. 

Starting with..

Connecting to Public WIFI is not safe.

WIFI can easily hacked due to its weakest security and Vice versa.

Now, Let us come to the exact thing which is buzzing around Internet.

As you are WIFI user, You could have stop your WIFI via Command center(Notification Center) in your Smartphone. But there's been a speculation. Turning off WIFI actually not stops WIFI on your Smartphone.

WIFI scanning which is a service come under Location service in your Android will be enabled by default. So if is enabled, Even if WIFI turned off on your Smartphone it will keep on sending and receiving signals nearby. All Apps and services on your Smartphone will also keep scanning WIFI. Through this they can pinpoint your location and provide better services. But this will completely affect your privacy and even more drains down battery.

As the Setting Clearly signifies 

"Allow Apps and Services to scan for Wi-Fi networks any time, even when Wi-Fi is off."

For Android Users you can follow below steps to disable.

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for "WIFI scanning" or Navigate to location -> Location services -> WIFI scanning
  • By Default it will be enabled
  • You can disable it.
  • Also, You can turn off for Bluetooth too.
  • This will further increase your Privacy and save battery.


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