Google,Facebook,Twitter,Microsoft want to make your data as portable data transfer||Technology||Data tranfer project

Google,Facebook,Twitter,Microsoft want to make your data as portable data transfer.

You may transfer the data from social media to other platforms soon.

For this big project.Tech giants like Google,Facebook,Microsoft,Twitter has step down into a project called as Data Transfer Project.

Although a major data scandals has been rolled out throughout the tech giants.

By anyhow it came up with the Data Transfer Project.By this many of the data of the customers can be shared out easily in and out of online services.


Data Transfer Project(DTP)

DTP aims with service to service,open source data portability platform for the internet users to transfer the data online and out of online services.


DTP is a concept of combining the organisations building a common framework  to connect the data between two can enable the seamless,direct transfer of data.

Working pattern

DTP uses the services of Existing APIs and authorization mechanism to access data  between the transfer platform.then uses the service specific adapter to convert into specific format.


To provide significant or user friendly service to the users.

It creates major revolution in the tech world.

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