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     WhatsApp has introduced more changes in forwarding messages in India.It brings the rule that one message can be forward only to the five people in their contacts.

  It also take it messaging service to the next level private messaging App to communicate more securely and reliable to the users in their family and with friends.

      A few years back WhatsApp has announced the special feature to its users.by forwarding a single message to number of contacts in a single tap.
      But now it is launching a new feature to test the limits in forwarding the message.India is one of the first country to send as many forwarded message in images,videos and etc.


      To overcome this WhatsApp has taken measure to limit the messages as forwarding by implementing a rule that each message can be forwarded only to 5 people in your contacts.It is also keep on working in removing the Share button next to the message.

       By this new limitation taken by WhatsApp large amount of fake messages can be minimized and make WhatsApp as a even more powerful private messaging service.First available for test in beta users in android and later in Ios to be rolled out.

Labeling of forwarded messages


WhatsApp have labelled the receiving message with forwarded or written by the sender.If it is forwarded  it will show up in the top of the message as forwarded.to avail this feature you need to update to the newer version of WhatsApp.

Let's see how this new service to rolled out. it was first going to implement in India.

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