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                                   YouTube has laid down several changes in their services and they are more capable in working with the Ad free services in YouTube.And they are also introducing their New music streaming app YouTube  Music.


YouTube Music

This service is launched to be a very well competitor to the Spotify and Apple music and several other Music streaming sites.
Users can sign up with YouTube music or watch videos on YouTube all in one app.
there are two different plans
Ad supported plan which is free
No Ads which is Premium and it costs  $9.99 per month.

you can search the song by typing with lyrics and by albums songs in the background.App will be available for Android and ios.


YouTube Red is Now YouTube Premium

Remember YouTube Red is now no more.the Ad free service in YouTube is now called YouTube Premium.


YouTube Premium

This new service enable user to experience with no Ads and access to all the original content in YouTube.offline viewing and etc.
YouTube Premium price is little higher than YouTube Music $11.99 per month.

Google play 

When you sign up for YouTube Music or YouTube Premium.All the content in Google Play music is come under the subscription and you can experience the best way of streaming.

This feature is rolled out in several countries.


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