Baahubali Before the Beginning new Series | In Netflix | Rise of Sivagami

                                                     The very big Blockbuster movie Baahubali going to Regaining it to the new series.This series includes the beginning of the Baahubali that is the Rise of Sivagami.This series is the prequel of Baahubali 2015.


                                                     This series was based on the Biggest And Most famous Tamil Novel Writer Anand Neelakantan.The Rise of Sivagami is the first of a proposed novel trilogy called Baahubali-Before the beginning.


                                                      This new service produced in partnership with Film director S.S.Rajamouli and the original production house Arka Media Works.

Beginning of Baahubali is a prequel series.Netflix already has the order of two season order of the new Baahubali series.

The date was not yet announced but releasing time is very closer.

Official Description from Netflix

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