Google accidentally added UIDAI helpline number to Android phones | Delete the contact immediately | Privacy risk at Aadhaar

                        Google accidentally added UIDAI toll free number in the Android version given to Indian manufactures in 2014.Google apologized for this was happened on their side accidentally.

How its Revealed

                       This latest problem was questioned by the French  hackers.After on checking the Android phone which is defaultly Saved the UIDAI helpline. this problem has confirmed.Some were used to think Saving one contact number can cause security issues?? For this my answer it is a privacy problem and it shows how the UIDAI security And Aadhaar.


 Behalf this problem,the UIDAI helpline number is saved in Android phones who doesn't have Aadhaar number also.So it is confirmed that this problem has not arise by the Telecom Service providers.By whom it is happened??


Causes for this problem

                        This problem is arise From the tech giant Google.It created a shock among various users.Google with no regrets accepted that the problem was caused by them.Due to this concern,the latest upcoming Android devices are saved with the helpline number UIDAI .


Iphone also it affected 

                        Almost most of the Iphone users are also affected.Google answers this the syncing of Gmail in the phone may cause the UIDAI helpline number to save by default.

Google Acknowledgement

                         Google has acknowledged for this problem in their Twitter page.the acknowledge is as follows.


Google report

  • By this default UIDAI number none of the information can be stealed from the mobile.
  • This can be manually done by Deleting the contact(UIDAI).
  • Latest setup wizard will be going to launch soon.
  • UIDAI helpline and Email was updated by Google in the year 2014.

Aadhaar safety is ????

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