is Shutting down users to move TikTok | creating single global platform

              the popular lip sync app that will be absorbed into sister app TikTok,for the aim of creating one global video platform.The merger comes next to the Byte Dance.


                       The Chinese media firm who owns Tik Tok have acquired the for One Billion Dollar in Last year(2017). && Tik Tok

                        The single video platform take the former app to the next level in the market.They merge both the app this makes user to add more options than comparing to the old recently reached a milestone of 100 million monthly active users.this is the main point of the company TikTok to acquire the


No problem with user accounts

                        Existing accounts are Moved to the newly interface TikTok app when the user update the app.So there will be no loss of data.

TikTok is now available for PlayStore and AppStore.


Features of TikTok after merging with
  • Can engaged to the new level of creativity.
  • Easy to use video capturing and editing in a most efficient way.
  • It will also have For You option to give the personalized video recommendations by your recent activity and views.
  • New Reaction that will allow user to react with friends.
  • creative tools like Interactive gesture filters and green screen like background effects can be done.
Company note

The main purpose of this merging the and TikTok is "to Capture the World's creativity and knowledge under this new name and remain everyone to treasure every precious life moment".


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