Uber Flying Cab Soon to be Launched in India | Drone Delivery For Uber Eats

                         Uber is one of the Emerging and developing companies across globally.In India this plays a major role among people in day today life.Uber users are also increasing in a rapid way.With Uber ride travelling makes simple and cost efficient.


                         Uber already announced of launching its Uber flying Cab.To make the company to the next level certain new services are going to launch in Uber.

  • Uber Flying Cab.
  • Drone Delivery for Uber Eats.
Launching in India

                          The company has announced the first five shortlisted countries to launch the new features.Among that India is also one among the country to get shortlisted.The other countries are Japan,Australia,Brazil and France.The company announced its new service as "Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo".

Targeted countries in India

                           In India Uber is Targeting Delhi,Mumbai and Bengaluru.Uber mentioned these countries as Most Congested cities For travelling.While travelling of few kilometers takes over an hour.The company believes that launching of Uber Flying Cab could make an enormous change in the way of travelling and the faster way to travel.


Uber Eats Drone Delivery

                           Uber also get into Uber Eats for developing the faster way of delivering the food and also the food can be Delivered in remote areas,mountain regions etc.Drone Technology can create a big competition to other brand like Zomato,Swiggy etc.

Wait soon experience the wholesome level of technology.....


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