Ad Free Gaming Experience by Turning On the Airplane mode in Android and Iphones

                            The internet has grown rapidly and in the same way Advertisement and marketing on Internet also developing rapidly and day by day it is increasing.All tech giants google,Microsoft etc all are generating the Huge amount of revenue by placing Ads.


                            Mostly Ads are placed in the Sites and the video sharing platforms.Now it is common to see Ads in all the places.All are involved in Marketing Strategies.A place without Ads is difficult to see in internet Even in games the Ads have been rolled out.

Disturb Of Ads

                          Even while watching the YouTube video we are getting irritated of Ads.While watching movies etc etc.And also a worst way of Advertising such as Popup Ads Are also in demand in many Torrent Websites and also many pirated websites.


Airplane Mode On 

                          Although Airplane mode in mobiles are enabled only for the purpose of while travelling in Airplane.But it is also used for several other purposes such as

  • If  you need to charge the mobile faster please turn on airplane mode on because this cutoff the radio waves emitted by the mobile and tower.
  • If  you need to be in radiation free environment kindly turn on airplane mode or switch off the mobile.You will be out of is also severe cause nowadays because it cause several diseases like brain tumors etc.
Like wise Turning on airplane mode can also used to get rid of Ads placed while playing games in mobile.But it is suitable only for offline games.while in online it cannot be done because you will be connecting with the servers every time.This mode can be suitable for games like Subway Surfers,Temple Run etc.

But there are also some online games without playing single Ads like Clash Royale etc..

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