Cardless ATM withdrawals Launched By Airtel Payments Bank in India

                          Airtel the leading telecom operator in India has stepped into many sectors such Wynk music App,Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Tv etc.The brand running in a successful way.Now it Stepped out into a new technology .


                       Users in the Airtel Payments Bank can withdraw cash in ATMs without using physical Credit or Debit card provided by the bank it can be done through Instant Mobile Transfer(IMT).

Cashless Withdrawals

                       This process can be done by the Instant Mobile Transfer(IMT).Airtel is partnered with Empays.A global provider for Cloud Based Payments Solution.This tie-up will allow the Airtel Payments Bank users to make the Instant Money Tranfer.


Target of Airtel 

                       Airtel introduced this cardless technology in India In order to empower in Digital India.The company believes in that.Further the IMT transfer can be done only in IMT powered ATMs.Currently 20,000 ATMs have this service in India.By this end of the year it will enabled in 100,000 ATMs-Company believes.

Terms And Conditions

                       First Two transaction is free and after the free transaction it will be charged Rs.25/-for upcoming transaction.

                       It can be done using My Airtel App and also through USSD(4002#).

Simple and fastest money Transaction service will able to provide best user interface to users.

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