PUBG Rolls out a Update | Brings New Maps and Bulletproofs Vehicles

                      Tencent one of the most popular smartphone Gaming platform introduced a block buster game PUBG or Players Unknown's Battle ground.It emerges with the new update introduced a new map Sanhok.This update also includes some anti cheating measures,Changes for clans etc.


What's New?????
  • Sanhok map(New Theme)
  • New weapons and vehicles.
  • Bulletproof UAZ this is vehicle with four seater.
  • Clan Perks.

Sanhok Map

                   It can be downloaded independently unlike other theme maps.This theme is purely based on the Rainforest setup.


New Weapons 

  • Rare flare gun When using inside the playzone.While using Rare flare gun outside the playzone it act as a Bulletproof UAZ.
  • QBZ automatic rifle fires about 5.56mm around in the newly updated Map(Sanhok).

New Vehicles
  • The new map brings about Bulletproof  UAZ this is four seater vehicle.
  • This vehicle can be driven when called using Flare gun.
Clan Perks

                 The new PUBG packs also introduce clan perks wherein the players will get a certain amount of UC to share with other clan members.

Again an important update is Accidental friendly fire will not be penalized....

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