Xiaomi Ethics have been Emerged | Advertisement in its Settings Application |

                         Xiaomi the leading global Smartphone Vendor has emerged in some of ethics While injecting Ads in their MIUI versions.The company Said that it was to Increase the Revenue and it was the mandatory way of running out businesses.

                         I am the Xiaomi user with Four to Five Years.But at the earlier point there were Ads but somewhere and in some applications.But nowadays i have experienced there were lot of Ads in my Smartphone.Especially in the MIUI owned apps like Cleaner etc.



                         After updating to MIUI 10 there were lot of changes in their user interface.But also they have enabled lot of new features for its users.In the same time they are also injecting lot of ads in their owned Apps.


Shocking Ads

                         In Reddit some users have posted the shocking Ads in their Xiomi phones which was run throughout the Settings application.Although it is owned out by Xiaomi.This Ads have been takes place after updating to their current new release of their New MIUI 10.

Verge Confirmation

                         When Verge have reached out for confirmation matter with Xiaomi  regarding the Ad the Company said that


Why Xiaomi is targeting on Ads Revenue???

                         We all know that the price of the Xiaomi products is very less compared to other Smartphone vendors especially Samsung they are on high price brands.Many brands like Asus,Vivo has competited with Xiaomi yet Xiaomi is the leading brand.
                          Hence Xiaomi have targeted the revenue by Ads.By Xiaomi many of the middle class to low class families are using Android phone because of their low rates.


My opinion on Xiaomi

                          Xiaomi can come up with Ads without affecting user experience.And they are also keen on maintaining the user interface.Many of the people are frustrated with Ads.

                          They can also come with the concept of Xiaomi Smartphone with Ads eg:Rs.10,000.
And Xioami phone Without Ads Rs.11,000/-.they can done by this.

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