Dangerous WhatsApp Scams users should aware of it

                         WhatApp is the social messaging service with more than billions of users and millions of users are adding upon on WhatsApp day by day.Although it is a good messaging app its user interface also good enough.It also experience a lot scams. for eg fake news,fake advertising, Fake app etc.


                         In my article I have explained some of the major trending Scams on WhatsApp

Fake Vouchers

                        Fraudsters are sending fake vouchers over the WhatsApp. This fake vouchers deal with the big brand names like Marks and spencer, Tesco and ASDA vouchers. The fraudsters will send you with a voucher with cash amount such as $200. They also will appeal saying you have own and you win the voucher.They also setup with the Fake URL mentioning in the message.

WhatsApp Scam

                        This fake url are made as that of company official website editing some of the letters they may target you. people will unknowingly enter to the website it then redirects to the fake website where it asks for redeeming the voucher enter your personal details such as Date of birth and bank details.Please be aware of that

The VoiceMail Scam


                        This type of scan particularly available in the Mails and WhatsApp. The spam mails most of this type of voicemail scam. This scam says users to hear the attached audio in the mail or WhatsApp. on hearing the audio you need to press the large play button. It redirects it to a website on hearing the audio. The hackers will implant a malware into your phone.

WhatsApp Gold


                        Daily we are come across the word WhatsApp Gold. This is completely a fake app. There will be fake message saying that Install WhatsApp Gold via the attached link and unlock all the features of WhatsApp. This is fake. The attached link will completely redirect to a fake website and it will implant a malware on the targeted phone. Make sure to download apps only in PlayStore.

The Spy app


                       This Spy app is a fake app. it will say that it can spy up your friends WhatsApp message and you can able to track it. we then immediately download the app via the link but it will not spy anything. moreover you will be targeted.

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