Is Netflix is Struggling in India | TheNextSpy reveals

Netflix is an American media service provider company is one of the largest media platforms providers across the world. Although Netflix is the 10 largest internet based company by Revenue. It is the ocean of all the Movies and series that are launched across the world. But Netflix has failed to sustain its position in India.

Netflix and Amazon Prime video was launched in the same year 2016. A heavy competition occurred between these two companies to sustain its position in the Indian market. But however, In India, there are too many media service providers are leading the market such as Hotstar, Voot etc. This made the Netflix struggle in the Indian market. Moreover, India is the second largest internet growth country followed by China.

Why Hotstar leads the Indian Market??

Hotstar is India's No:1 media sharing company since it covers all the regional programs on all languages in India. The main advantage of Hotstar is that it is the Star network owned platform. Hence all the Sports events are available in Hotstar. Also provides live telecast in major sports. The most hit sports game is the IPL which created history in Hotstart is the grand finale of 2018 IPL which was streamed by more than 10 million people. Hence Hotstar is the success in India.

Netflix Struggles??

Netflix struggles in India. Since Netflix is available in 196 countries. But the cost price for the subscription package is higher than other media service platforms. It costs $7 for a one-month subscription. But in Hotstar is Only $3 as well as a lot of free content. Hence users are preferring Hotstar in India. Amazon Prime also cheaper than Netflix. Also, Netflix has no live streaming services as that of Hotstar.

I conclude by saying Hotstar is good for Indian users since it covers all the programs in India as well as live streaming of sports. The users who are keen on watching series and movies likely can jump to Netflix. Since Netflix has large collection of  movies and series across the world.



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