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Internet Users from all around the world comes up with the term called Incognito. This Incognito mode of browsing is provided by the browsers to enhance the Privacy of the users. Most of the users are strongly believe in the Incognito mode of browsing. But a recent study shows that Incognito Mode in the browser is not Safe.

First of all

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode of browsing is inbuilt in all the browser to enhance the user privacy. Most popular Browser such as Firefox and Chrome provide additional security in your activity while in Incognito Mode. In Incognito Mode the Browser won't save the search history, Cookies and Disable the trackers. Some of the Browser also provides Inbuilt VPN to enhance trust among the users.

Why incognito mode not Safe?

Recent Study by DuckDuckGo exposed that in Incognito mode of Browsing Google can give you the Personalized search results. This means Google is tracking down the users even in Incognito Mode. They can able to track you with the help of the previously used cookies. So please when you are browsing using Incognito mode Clear up all the cookies. In addition to that, Recently Google has announced that they are tracking the location of the device even when the location is Disabled.

How to Browse safely?
My recommendation is to use the DuckDuckGo search for the users who were aware of the privacy. Since DuckDuckGo won't save the activity in their servers. It is also called as the Privacy search engine.


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