Passport Number Is Stolen or Hacked | What to do | Reason behind this |

                         Passport is the most important aspect for all citizens of the country.If a person need to get travel along the foreign countries passport is mandatory.But in the rapid development of technology all our process are maintained in a computer basis.on the other side the online fraud and security flaws also grows rapidly.In this article we will discuss about the What happen if your passport number is hacked??
and What to do???


Marriott Data breach

                Last week a massive data breach was happen in the Marriott.Marriott is a American multinational company that manages a broad range of Hotels and lodges across the world.In this hack all the users Passport number has been stolen.Nearly 500Million users are affected in this breach and 327Million users passport were stolen.The hackers has get into the Marriott database to build this hack.


What happen when your passport number is hacked??
The theft behind the hack will compromise your data to the 
  • Black markets
  • Dark web markets and to the Dark web databases
  • Your identity will present in the criminal offense
  • they can able to make money
  • Sell your data to the fradulent companies.
  • etc etc.

You may get the question

Stealing a passport number is enough???

                   No,Stealing a passport number can allow the hackers to get your Name,age and so on.
                   But still the physical copy of the Passport is with you and hence no problem the theft cannot able to get full access to the passport which is been hacked.Because by using the passport number the hackers cannot gain access to State department records and citizen records.Although getting your identity to the unauthorized people will get you in risk.

Physical passport must be safe

                    If the Physical copy of the passport is stolen or missed it would be a severe problem.Physical copy of passport is confidential.If your passport is missed or stolen kindly move on to the office to make the passport number invalid.And make a new passport.Still getting a new passport can lead to lot of money and it is a tedious process. 

It is Vulnerable??

                     On hacking the passport numbers hackers can send you Spam mails,and unknown attachments in mails by the esteemed data breached brand name if you click on those attachment you computer will injected by a virus and hackers have whole control of it..

 First of all please authenticate before you share your personal data in online.It can prevents you in lots of fradulents..

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