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                          Twitter is one of the way to meet up with the every individual ideas and their thoughts.In this article i m going to discussed about the Most influential hashtags on Twitter in India in the year 2018.And also explain about why they are most influential.Report by #TwitterIndia



                This Hashtag is a Tamil movie name starring Vijay and keerty suresh directed by Murugados.However this movie created a breaking records in YouTube. this movie was based upon the corruptions.It also created a record breaking box office collection in a day.

 2  #METOO

                 This Hashtag also created a high level influence among the people.Many actors and actress and several big names are caught up with it.Although this Hashtag trends over the Worldwide.To know more about MeToo click

 3  #KarnatakaElections

                  This Hashtag trends at the month of may.this election created a whole India to look back.A voter scandal made the election influential.however the election saw a voter turnout of 72.13 percent.

 4  #KeralaFloods

                  This Hashtag was one of the most influential part of the country.Nearly 483 dead due to heavy rain and floods.KeralaFloods was announced as the Major Natural Disaster in India.

 5  #Aadhar

                  This Hashtag also make severe disrupts towards India.The leaked Aadhar data.Google accidentally added UIDAI number in Smartphone Contacts.

 6  #JusticeForAsifa

                   This Hashtag is about a 8 year old girl who was gone in Abduction,Rape and Murder.For Her justice there were several protest against all over India.

 7  #DeepVeer

                   This Hashtag trends on the marriage of the big bollywood stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

 8  #IPL2018

                   IPL2018 is one of the most awaited games of India.Players from all over the world are played spotted by auction.and it is one of the most influential part of 2018.Chennai Super kings lift the Trophy.

 9  #WhistlePodu

                   This hashtag is for the IPL champions of the year 2018 Chennai Super Kings.On every CSK match the Hashtag trends across India.

 10 #AsianGames2018 

                   India won 15 Gold, 24 silver ,30 Bronze .Overall India won the 8th place among 45 nations.

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