How to Download TikTok After Ban | Easy Steps

TikTok is banned in India. Users of the TikTok are frustrated by this ban. First of all, I need to say this ban is just a beginning because TikTok app is removed only in the Google Play Store and Apple App store. But till now it is available in the third party websites. And other better way to use TikTok is to Connect via VPN.

In this post, I have to mention some of the easier ways to download and use TikTok without any trouble after the ban.

Download from third party websites

Downloading from third party websites may lead some type of malware when you download these apps your smartphone may be Completely affected. So please verify third-party websites.
Here are some of the websites to download TikTok

  1. Apkpure - Click here to download  TikTok
  2. Uptodown - Click here to download TikTok

These are some of the websites Which are popular and completely risk-free from the virus.

Download TikTok by using VPN

  • Just Download Snap VPN from play store.
  • Click here to download Snapvpn
  • This VPN is completely free.
  • Connect it to other country servers but not connect to India Servers.
  • Now download the TikTok app.
  • Enjoy.

Another Easy way is that Just search in Google TikTok apk. Done with it.

enjoy. Hope I think this will be useful.

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  6. Can anyone tell me how to make another account after being permentally banned for political posts? I've tried every way I can think of but nomatter how I try (email, phone number, FB, etc) it tells me I'm temporarily suspended. I figured it knows because of my IP address so I used my husband's phone and made a whole new account with his info instead of mine. I was able to use riktok perfectly fine on his phone but when I tried signing in with the new account on my own phone it told me I was still suspended. So, does anyone know how I can get around that to be able tonaccess tiktok again? I think its unfair that I was banned with no explanation as to why and no way to appeal it. I've never had a previous temporary suspension, this was my first time and they permentally banned me.

    1. They are not blocking you from your IP. Because your IP is not going to be Static all the time. It Changes depends on your ISP.

      In your case, They have blocked you with your Smartphone MAC Address. MAC Address is a unique address which will be assigned to your smartphone once your Smartphone is manufactured. So the only solution is to change the Smartphone. Or else you can try to mail TikTok and ask them for the reason why they have blocked your MAC address.
      Better use new Smartphone to access TikTok.

      i Think it will be helpful.

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