Free VPN with No Ads and No Applications installation | Here is the trick

We all came to know the term called VPN. Which is called Virtual Private Network. In early days VPN is used by the organization and MNC to ensure the secure way of communication over the Internet. But now VPN has emerged in all parts of communication. Due to its rapid growth, many VPN providers are now available in the market. Since VPN can be used in all sort of devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, PC, etc.

What is a VPN??

VPN- Virtual Private Network.

VPN provides a secure way of communication over the internet. Also, Users can access Internet Anonymously. VPN users can hide their IP address which is provided by the ISP(Internet Service Provider). Even ISP cannot able to track the user who is surfing the Internet via a VPN connection.

Application-Based VPN.

In this type of VPN, A application is required to install in your smartphone or PC to use this type of VPN service. But this type of free Application based VPN is flooded with lots of Ads. But using a Paid VPN will enable a better user experience. But the cost of plans in VPN service is a little bit high it ranges from Rs 500-1000. Example of such VPN services is Snap VPN, Turbo VPN, etc.

In this Blog, I am going to share you about how to use VPN service Without Ads, Without Installing VPN apps. 

Steps to activate VPN service in Smartphone??

Demo Video Explained ??
  1. Go to Settings→Search VPN.
  2. Click on to the VPN.
  3. Click on Add VPN. Now open your browser just search VPNbook in Google search bar or Click on this link
  4. Scroll down and click PPTP and OpenVPN. Minimize the browser.
  5. Now In setting Add VPN. You will get a dialog box like this 
  6. In that give name anything you want.
  7. Now again maximize the browser Copy any server address you want as shown below.
  8. Mostly prefer using Canada server.
  9. Now again move onto settings and paste the address you have copied in the server address box.
  10. Again scroll down the browser and you will be seeing a user name and password.
  11. Copy the username and paste in Username in settings.
  12. Type the password since the password changes at regular intervals.
  13. enjoy the Ad-free VPN service. 
Uses of VPN 
  • Unblock websites which are blocked in your country.
  • Secure way of communication over the internet.
  • No tracking.
  • Surf Anonymous.
But Paid VPN will not any logs of your activity this can give you the next level of privacy.



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