Who Wins in this Cloud Gaming War ?? Google Stadia or Jio

One of the topmost technology emerging all over the world is Cloud Computing. nearly half of the percent of the enterprises are moving their workloads towards the cloud services such as Amazon, Google, Azure, etc. Also, there exists a major competition among these cloud service providers to compete in the market.
In this year Google announces the next level of cloud services. This new technology is opted to particularly target gamers. We all came across the Word Google Stadia. This is the gaming console introduced by Google. It will be available to users in 2020. To know more about Click here

Now this time Jio has stepped into this field. In the 42nd annual conference, Jio has announced many of the new services. In that, it also launches the Jio 4K Set Top Box. By the use of Jio Set Top Box users can play and stream games, Call any operator, Supports video conferencing and also watch the latest movies on the day of release(FDFS).

In this blog, I will let you know How Jio 4K Set Top Box Gaming service and Google Stadia will work.

But there are no clear details about how Jio 4K Set Top Box services work??. There was no clear explanation About Jio 4K Set Top Box in the annual conference. But here I am going to explain some of the ways it can be done.

Things to Know about Jio 4K Set Top Box Gaming Console

  • Jio Positioned itself as a game streaming platform.
  • Jio has made a partnership with Microsoft, Tencent, and Gameloft, etc.
  • No extra hardware required. Only Jio gaming console and Jio 4K Set Top Box and Jio fiber connection to access the internet.
  • Jio Set Top Box supports Every gaming controller and has an inbuilt graphics card.
  • You can use Xbox and PS4 or else normal USB controller to play games in Jio 4K Set Top Box.
But since then there are no details about how Jio is going to host their game and Where??

Whether Jio Uses Microsoft Services??
We all know Jio has partnered with Microsoft to develop the cloud services in India. So it is likely to confirm Jio uses Xbox as a gaming service. But not yet confirmed. Or Like Google Stadia Jio can use cloud-based gaming services. Since Microsoft owns a Datacenter so there is a chance to host their game in Microsoft Cloud service Azure.

Why companies are moving to Cloud-based gaming??
  • It completely minimizes the User end hardware.
  • No high-end configuration devices are required to play top games.
  • The only need is Speed and reliable internet connection.
  • More interaction between the gamers.
  • Streaming can be done easily.
  • Zero-latency gaming.
Google Stadia vs Jio gaming console

Google Stadia.
  • Only Stadia Controller and Google chrome browser is enough to play the games.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Google owns many Datacenter so it can handle big and large games easily.
  • Supports up to 4K video resolution as well as 5.1 surround and in future extend up to 8K video resolution.
  • Supports Google Assistant.
  • Supports all controllers.
  • Wide variety of gaming.

Jio Gaming Console.
  • Zero latency in gaming.
  • Support all controllers.
  • Jio fiber internet connection comes with it.
no more details are published till now. Will be updated once get published.

Which will dominate the market??

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