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Can you imagine that your face can bring you $130,000?

Have you ever Watched a Robotics movie with a Human designed face?? Almost all right. Have you ever thought this could go to happen in real life? Yes, within a few years you are going to see a robot with human faces. The initial process is started. Here is a company which is going to make it possible. Company name was not mentioned. For deploying human faces to robots, the company is searching for a Human volunteer to license their face to be deployed in robots. Not For free the company is paying you for that. Paying you nearly $130,000.

This Unusual request was found on the website named Geomiq.

Who is Geomiq?

Geomiq is the intelligence platform that provides instant quotes and instant ordering of custom manufactured parts. It is a London based company founded in the year 2017. Geomiq works as a manufacturing workflow for various brands. In the same way, unnamed companies contacted Geomiq for their Humanoid faces.

What type of Robot?

The Unnamed company has started developing Robots for five years. The name that Geomiq states are “State of the art Humanoid”. The unnamed company is looking for a Kind and friendly Human face which is to be literally deployed on the Robot face once it goes into production.
According to some estimates, Human faced robots are developed for elderly people who need a personal companion for them. This human-faced robot makes the elderly people more comfortable when they are trying to make things happen like voice commands, Monitoring events at the home and even taken care of elder people in various aspects.

Paying High 

The company is providing you with $130,000 for licensing your face. You will be richer after this deal. But the only thing is you need to provide the complete license to your face.

The expectation from the Unnamed company

They need people who should be very hopeful because the company does not provide any detailed information about Robots. After entering the next phase, the company will inform you the all the details of their Robot project. Geomiq also states that the company itself cannot reveal the company name (unnamed company) due to some non-disclosure agreement. 
Think twice before going ahead to this. If you are the person who is interested in revealing your face to robots can send your photo through the mail. But licensing your face can cause literally some privacy concerns.

Send your Photo to this mail ID:

Any Queries feel free to contact at :


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