How to enable Instagram Dark Mode in ios and Android

Instagram which is one the Best photo-sharing platform has rolled out some of the new features for its users. Facebook-owned Instagram has rolled out many new features to sustain its position in the market. The new feature comes up with the Dark Mode. After the evolution of TikTok Instagram falls back in the video streaming platform. Now TikTok is the platform where large hours of videos are streamed after YouTube. 

Dark mode has rapidly evolved in all applications. Following recent moves from Gmail, Twitter, Pinterest. Now Instagram has stepped in. Facebook is also testing the new feature in its parent app Facebook. As soon as Facebook also comes up with the dark mode. Instagram Dark mode rolls out in ios13 and Android.

Why Dark Mode??

Most of the top brands are rolling out this new feature to provide users the most reliable way to its users to latch on the Eye strain reducing and battery saving. The dark mode is also one of the trends that sweep the globe.

Since it is a cool feature but Instagram made a little bit tricky for users to enable dark mode.

So here I am going to tell How to enable Dark mode on Instagram in ios and Android??

For ios

User needs to update your iPhone to ios 13 to enable this feature.
  1. Make sure you have an updated Instagram app with its latest version.
  2. Open setting app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap Display and Brightness.
  4. Tap dark mode.
  5. That's it. Automatically it fits your phone dark theme.
  6. Now open Instagram you will be viewing your feed as Dark mode.
For Android
  1. Make sure you have an updated Instagram app with its latest version.
  2. Open setting app on your smartphone.
  3. In Display setting Tap dark mode. Automatically it fits your phone dark theme.
  4. Now open Instagram you will be viewing your feed as Dark mode.
Users who have upgraded their Android to its latest version can Android 10 can enable dark mode by the above procedure. For the Android version, it is not yet confirmed.
Where most of the Dark mode option is placed within the app setting. But Instagram opted for this feature somewhat differently. 

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