Ever Wondered!! You can plant a tree by making Search Queries in this website

If you make 45 search queries in Ecosia. We are happy to inform that you are planting a tree.
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Ever wondered!! Your daily search on the Internet can help to save our environment by planting trees. Sounds good right! Join hands to save the World.

Since we are living in the Internet age. Day by day the users of the Internet are increasing rapidly. This paved the way for many of the companies to sustain a topmost position in the world like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.  If you are using the Internet Most probably you might come across the service called Search Engine. How many search engines are there in the world? Whether anyone aware of it? Because of most of the Internet users If they hear the term Search Engine? The next immediate response will be Google. Since Google is the Number one search engine. There are 26 search engines all over the world.
In this Blogpost, I am going to explain to you a Search Engine Popularly called as Ecosia.  This is the search engine that provides 80% of revenue to plant trees and save the environment. Your single search In Ecosia Matters a lot.
Global Climate Change crisis
In 2019 Amazon Rainforest is burning rapidly and most of the Rainforest destroyed at a drastic rate. This creates global awareness among the people. Likewise, now Australian bushfires are growing rapidly. Most of the hectares of lands are being burned, Animals and people have lost their lives. Global climate change is the key factor for all these disasters. So we need to plant more trees and save the environment.

Who is Ecosia?
Ecosia is founded in 2009. It is a Germany based search Engine. Ecosia generates Revenue in the form of Advertising. Since Ecosia is not a standalone Search Engine. It is the combination of Bing and Yahoo. The search results of Ecosia is originated from Bing. The Advertising methodology is from Yahoo. Ecosia donates its profit more than 80% to the Nonprofit organization that focuses on reforestation.  Each search query in Ecosia raises approximately to 0.005euros. Since then Ecosia has planted more than 80 Million trees.

45 search query = tree
Each search query generated by the user in Ecosia is counted. At least the user needs to make 45 search queries more than enough to plant a tree. Ecosia completely makes a count on all the search queries that you made in your browser.
 How Ecosia Works?
When the user queries a search in Ecosia. Ecosia throws out results from Bing and it also developed its own search Algorithm. It shows the search results in two forms like Ad(paid Advertising) words and Organic results. If the user clicks the Ad generated link. Ecosia will be paid by its advertising partners. Or if the user clicks the organic results, even it generates some value to that. So if you are the person who needs to save the world from climate change, etc. Use Ecosia to help and build the nature and environment. It is a good opportunity for us to do so.

Whether Ecosia is Safe?
In their website, they have mentioned that Ecosia won’t sell user data to any of the third parties. Also, it deletes every search query log you made for every 4 days. These 4 days it will be stored up in Ecosia servers. These are done for security purposes. Moreover, Ecosia is completely safe.

Ecosia Uses AWS
At the beginning, Ecosia uses its own traditional servers to power up its websites. Also, it partnered with some of the hosting companies. Due to rapid growth Ecosia moves up its whole Infrastructure to AWS cloud. Traffic to the Ecosia website increases. Using AWS they can scale up their business.
Available for Android and IOS
Ecosia application is available for both Android and Ios. For PC Ecosia provides Browser extension. A browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox.

The major disadvantage is that Ecosia does not sync your data across browsers and various platforms. The account feature is in testing mode. It will be rolling out soon.

Save the world 
Save the Environment
Save the trees

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