Watch Torrent movies online without Downloading

Whether you are a Torrent user? 
If yes 
Then this Blogpost is best suitable for you. 

Nowadays OTT Platform is emerging all over the world. This happens due to the rapid growth of the Internet. Smartphones paved the way for the growth of the Internet. Now the Internet holds more than 4 Billion users across Worldwide. Most of the users accessing the Internet through their Smartphones. This growth paved the way for OTT services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc to emerge in the market. But Before three to four years if you are using the Internet? You will become up with the name called Torrent. Although Torrent is the place where Piracy begins. Until now Torrent is a safe place to download and release Pirated software, movies, etc. 

So if you need to watch a movie. You will browse some Torrent websites in the browser and search for movies. If the movie is made available on the Torrent website. First, you will be downloading the Torrent File of that Movie. you also need Utorrent and BitTorrent Client software to open Torrent files. Using Utorrent and BitTorrent you can Download the Movie and watch. This is the way you are Watching Movies right? 

Did you ever think How much time it takes to finish the entire Above process to watch a Movie?  
If the Movie size is too large, then you need to wait until it gets completed. 
If you have a poor Internet connection. Then the situation maybe even worse. 

In this Blogpost, I will be sharing a trick to watch the Torrent movies online without downloading. 
Sounds good right. It saves you a lot of time. 

To watch Torrent Movies online without Downloading follow the below steps 

  • Go to the website in your Browser. 
  • You will get to the below page. 

  • If we have an existing account on the Seedr website. You can log in using that or else type your Email and Password. Tick on the I agree and click on Register with Email. 

  • Another way you can also Login by your Facebook account. 
  • This website provides you 2GB storage for free. If you need extra storage you can upgrade to its premium plan.  
  • Once you logged in the website. You will be viewing this page. 

  • So For the free user, you can download torrent movies within the 2GB limit on this website. Beyond 2GB it gets neglected by the website. For further storage, you need to upgrade to its payable premium plan. 
  • Now Go to Torrent website like Otorrents etc and select which movie you need to watch. 

  • Copy the Torrent magnet link of that movie which you need to watch. Or download the Torrent file. 
  • Now paste the Torrent Magnet link at website.

  • You can also upload the torrent file. 

  • Hit enter 

  • That’s it. Your file will be downloaded. 
  • Enjoy watching the movie online or else you can also download the movie. 

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