How to Check your Online Accounts are safe or hacked?

Whether you are an Internet User? Then you may come across the term called Create account, Sign up, Login and so on

First You need to know about What happens when you create an account or Sign up to any website?

When you create an account or Sign up to a website. First the website might ask you about the Email address and User name, Etc. This is based upon the website's preference and their policy to collect data from the user. So once you fill up your details then it will ask you to verify your email by sending a link or OTP. So this is the basic process you can find when you sign up or create an account on any website all over the internet.

All of the information provided by the users to the website are stored in a database in the cloud or on-premise data centers.

Now you may know how many websites you have signed up?.

Data breach

You may find this word a lot on the internet Nowadays. Many of the websites are being hacked and all the data on the website are steeled by the hackers and most of the user data are in a sale on the dark web. 

Now you can ask How I can find my data is hacked?

Most of us are failed to remember how many websites they have signed up?

Sometimes the website you have signed up may suffer from a data breach. So from the user end you won't be aware of it. This might cause users even more vulnerable to hackers. Though all the data are already breached. From the stolen data the hacker can get your password and he can further compromise your other online accounts.

Here is the simple way to keep track of online accounts whether it is safe or not?

First we can see how this process works?

This process is done by searching the giant database of hacked and breached data. You all just heard about the website Have I Been Pwned. This Website holds up the Giant database of user data which are affected by massive data breach and hacks. But here we are going to use the Firefox Monitor service. Firefox monitor uses Have I Been Pwned database to search your query. Data breaches are also updated on the website in the daily basis.

Step by Step process to check whether your online accounts are safe?

                                                           FireFox Monitor

  • Browse the website in your browser or search in Google Firefox Monitor. You will be landed up on the webpage.

  • In the search bar enter your Email address which is linked with online accounts. or you can also search for any of your emails.
  • Now click search for breaches.

So here my email linked with canva website is compromised or breached.

  • If your online account is compromised in any of your breach linked with the email which you have searched. It will show up the website or service name from which your data is hacked.
  • If your online accounts are not compromised in any breach then a message will popup stating

             This email appeared in 0 known data breaches.

  • That's it.
  • You can also sign in to firefox and subscribe to alerts. So if any breach linked with your mail will be notified to you.
  • stay safe.

What you should if your data is breached on any of the websites?

  • Change the password immediately.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Before signing up for a website. make sure it is safe.

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