Watch Ad free youtube Videos in your browser with this simple trick

Many of the YouTube users are finding ways to override the Ads provided by YouTube. So if you are a user who is also keen on blocking YouTube Ads then this Blogpost is for you.

Nowadays YouTube is flooded with Plenty of Ads. Before two years YouTube has revised many of the Ads policies and guidelines to support many of the YouTube Content creators. But for the YouTube Users, this is a piece of very sad news. But there are plenty of ways to get rid of YouTube Ads Which are used by many YouTube users across the internet. But every way has its impact.

Many of the browsers hold the extension in their stores to block the YouTube Ads. Nowadays each popular browser has its Ads blocking technology added with its browsers.

Later Google also introduced YouTube Premium plans for users who are rid of YouTube Ads. But this is a paid subscription plan.

Here I am going to explain a simple way to block Ads on YouTube while watching in your browser on your computer. But it doesn't work well in Mobile browsers.

  • Open Chrome or any other browsers on your PC.
  • Go to Youtube.
  • Click on the video you are willing to watch.
  • Now go to the address bar of the video and add the . after the hostname of

here is the example

     This is the normal URL for YouTube Videos

Now add a . after com to override the Ads as shown below


add a . after the Youtube host name. That's it. Enjoy YouTube without Ads.

Video demo

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