How Google and Apple Covid-19 Contact tracing app works

As Covid-19 is hitting hard day by day across all over the world. So to minimize the spread and to prevent the exposure from the Corona Virus many of the technology firms have to step into the development of the Contact tracing app. As you all know only by following social distance and by wearing a mask you can avoid getting exposure to the virus. Most of the people all over the world use smartphones from getting the news to all day to day activities. So social distancing can be possible with the help of smartphones. 

So Now Google and Apple joined hands to develop a contact tracing API that can be used by the Contact tracing app that are developed by every country. Most of the companies have started to develop its own contact tracing app as soon as the coronavirus started to emerge. This time Google and Apple have come up with a solution to get to the technology even better. 

What is Contact tracing API?

Google and Apple just developed the contact tracing API or framework that can be used by the contact tracing app developers to make use of it. Many companies are joined hands in developing the contact tracing app. So this Google and Apple platform might be very helpful for the app developers.

How Google and Apple contact Tracing API works?

To make this possible Google and Apple rely on the old technology Bluetooth. Though Bluetooth consumes less power this can prevent draining the battery. Because for a successful way of working the app might require flawless Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection will be active in the background. So in the background, your phone will be getting logging in other phones which pass nearby(Assuming both devices must be enabled with contact tracing app). The logs do not hold any of your personal information. Moreover, these logs are tracked by the decentralized numerical codes. So if any coronavirus affected people passes nearby the phone will create an alert. Notifying you to maintain social distancing and to move out of the place.

Every 14 days the old logs will get deleted. (Which is the incubation period of COVID-19).

How to enable this service in Android and Apple?

Note : your smartphone must installed with any of the contact tracing app for the below settings to work. 

In Android phones 

  • Settings-> Google -> Covid-19 exposure notification-> Turn on to use.
In Apple

A recent update of IOS from Apple can enable this service.

  • Settings -> Privacy -> health -> Covid-19 exposure logging -> Turn on to use
Read privacy guidelines before you opt for this service.

Maintain social distancing and wearing masks can prevent all people from exposure to coronavirus.

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