Facebook Brilliant move over TikTok Ban unveils Instagram Reels

After Banning the 59 Chinese apps in India. A lot of other app firm is thriving to catch the marketplace in India. TikTok which is banned by the Indian Government has created a lot of criticism with the content creators. TikTok has a very strong user base in India. TikTok holds about 200million active users in India. Comparing with other countries India has the leading user base for TikTok. Banning the TikTok app in India made a huge loss to Bytedance which is the technology firm that owns TikTok. It is estimated that TikTok loses nearly 6 Billion dollars.

So to catch up on the TikTok marketplace in India many technology firms are rolling out the TikTok cloned app. These new apps offer the same features as TikTok provides it, users. Already a lot of the new apps rival to TikTok are launched in India like Chingari, Moj, Triller etc.

But now the other big technology giant has stepping into the Indian market to catchup the TikTok Market place. So this time it's Facebook. As you all know that Facebook owns Instagram. Last week Facebook announced that it is going to launch Instagram Reels in India. Already Facebook has developed a short video streaming app like TikTok in the US named Lasso. Now Facebook is going to shut down the Lasso video sharing platform. 

Why Facebook shutdown Lasso?

Lasso is the rivalry app developed by Facebook to catch up with the TikTok marketplace in the US. But Lasso does not shine in the US. TikTok also had a good user base in the US. Now the US also planning to Ban TikTok app. So to stand-in with the market, Facebook plans to shut down Lasso. And focused its concentration on developing Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is a new platform developed by Facebook to catch up on the user base of TikTok. Because Instagram also owns a wide user base in India. So adding Instagram Reels within the Instagram app will enable the user to switch easily. This can make Facebook possible to catchup with new users.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new platform for content creators to showcase their talents as made in TikTok. Instagram Reels is embedded in the Instagram app. So that users can share the videos with their audience in a simple manner. Instagram also holds wide user base in India. So this is the right move by Facebook to catch the market in India.

Instagram Reels lauch

Instagram started to roll out the new Instagram reels within the Instagram app when the user updates to the latest version of Instagram. 

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