Trick to read paid article for free

Reading a newspaper is of an old trend. Now everyone in the world relies on online articles. Almost every news channel, as well as newspapers, have spotted their footprints on the Internet. Providing epaper facilities and also several magazines now rely on the Internet world. So this is the time where we can explore the high-quality content in one place. But nowadays many News media are turned towards an online subscription model to provide even more quality. So that they can regain its users

Most of the news sites are filled with a lot of Ads. So if you are subscribed member on a particular news channel website you can view their website without Ads. Also, subscribed members can view all the quality journals where non-subscriber users cannot access those.

In this blog post, I can guide you on how to access paid articles for free?

It is a two-step process

First copy the article link which you are willing to read. Now go to and paste the copied link. You are done. Now you can view the paid articles for free. 

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watch the below video 

If the above method doesn't work. we have another simple way to bypass the paid article with this extension

Follow the Below Steps

  • If you are using Google Chrome or Edge browser click here.
  • A file will start to download once you click the above link.
  • Extract the file.
  • Now go to Chrome. Open a new tab and type Chrome://Extensions in search bar and click enter.
  • Turn on to the developer mode.
  • Now click on Load unpacked and browse the extracted file and upload the entire folder.
  • that's it you are done.

Video demo 

To know more about this extension click here 
Note this extension support only limited websites
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