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Good news for all the Internet users across the world. Hereafter we can have access to Wikipedia without the Internet. Most of the people who use the Internet must hear the term called Wikipedia Which is the Giant Library that holds a lot of information. To be honest, Wikipedia holds all the term explanation, Life history of the person, the Life cycle of all the living organisms. But the only drawback is that to access Wikipedia we need the Internet. But recent study showcase that 4 Billion people across the world don't have access to the Internet. So here is the new era that is going to change all over the world.

In this Blogpost, I will guide you on the way to access Wikipedia without the Internet.

So first you need to know some process which happens at the backend of the Wikipedia systems. You all know Wikipedia is owned by Non-profit organization.

Wikipedia routinely makes the Dump of their Public Databases for regular intervals. As of now, No image dumps are available. You can find their dumps on this link Wikipedia Dumps. These Dumps are taken once or twice a month. Because daily many writers are updating new information on the Wikipedia pages. So to stay updated Dumps are taken out in a meantime.

Now you might have a question so we need to download all the dumps to access Wikipedia offline right? The answer is no.

Here is another non-profit organization that makes this happen? 


Kiwix is an offline reader for online content like Wikipedia. The vision of Kiwix is to serve information to people locally without the Internet. Kiwix also tries to back up the content offline for the websites Project Gutenberg and Stack Exchange. Kiwix is also accessed by people in country where Wikipedia is blocked. So Kiwix converts the dumped data by Wikipedia and compresses it into an archive file (ZIM). The dump made on June 23, 2020, was compressed by Kiwix. This was the latest compress done by Kiwix.

How to access Wikipedia offline?

  • Download Kiwix for Desktop or Apple or Android devices. You can use it on any device. Download appropriately for your Operating system.
  • Once downloaded you will be asked to download the ZIM File. This is the internal library that needs to download to access Wikipedia offline. This is the file which is converted by Kiwix.
  • Once you have downloaded you are on the way to enjoy Wikipedia offline.
Note: the ZIM file is a large-sized file. The current converted dump file is of 89GB is size.

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