Can you Imagine Just by walking you can earn Rewards ?

If any one says to you that you can earn Rewards while walking. 

What will be your answer?

It is very hard to believe right. But here is the way for that.. 

In this Blogpost we will go through how one can gain Rewards by Just Walking.

Let's get into it


Nowadays walking is a very hard task for all the people. As people update themself to current technology so everything can be done within the smartphone. For Eg : You can order food online within few minutes your foods are at your doorstep. Likewise lot of services are available in the market to counter the way we work in early days. Due to this rapid revolution in technology Many of the people are facing lot of health problem. Like, Food delivery completely stops for going hotel to buy foods. So people are nowadays not conscious about their health. So here is the startup named Step Set Go that motivates people to Walk. Even the way this startup motivates a bit different. Can you Guess How?



official Website : StepSetGo

What StepSetGo did here?

Step Set Go track the steps of the user and rewards based on how many steps the user have walked throughout the day. They have developed various strategy to keep users stay motivated. 


How you get rewarded?

StepSetGo have a unique coins based system. The coins are called as SSG(StepSetGo).

  • Every 1000 Indoor Steps you will be rewarded with 1 SSG Coins.
  • Every 1000 Outdoor Steps you will be rewarded with 1.25 SSG Coins.


So now you will get a question with this SSG coins how i can get rewards and How can i redeem it?

StepSetGo owns a Bazaar within the application. So the rewards which you have earned through walking can be redeemed in the store(Bazaar). Step Set Go have partnered with lot of top brands to provide its users even more engaging with the service. This Bazaar hold lot of offers and products which the user can make use of it. 

Some of the deals from Step Set Go Bazaar


For 7999 SSG Coins you can buy PlayStation 4 for free.


For 14999 SSG Coins you can buy Iphone XR for free.


For 1799 SSG Coins you can buy Sony on-ear Stereo Headphones for free.

Even more products.


Whether StepSetGo is Safe?

You don't need an active internet connection to track your steps. The app track the steps you have walked even without Internet. At any time if you are connecting the app to the internet. Your Steps are updated. So comparing to other apps StepSetGo Doesn't track user location to the extent.


Download Link for Android StepSetGo 


Download Link for IOS StepSetGo


Download and install. you are well set. Start walking.


So walk, Stay Healthy

Get Reward


Any queries Feel free to contact at :








  1. Wow great post. Thanks for the information

  2. Hello! Having good mental health is very important to me and walking really helps me! In addition, I also take gummies with cannabis, for example ! These gummies always help me relax in any situation!


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