Facebook will pay you for Deactivating your Facebook account

Reading the title can surprise you a lot. How Facebook can pay for Deactivating your account?

Sounds Interesting right

But it is 100% Real. Great news for US people

A recent Facebook Blogpost claims that Facebook is looking for people who Deactivate their accounts from Facebook for more than a month.

Why does Facebook ask Users to Deactivate their accounts?

The main idea behind Facebook behinds this move is to make up research based on How Social Media Impacts on Democracy?. You all are aware of the news that Facebook unfairly interfered with influencing the Results of the 2016 election in the US. Most government has villainized Facebook for this. So now Facebook has set up an Independent study among its users how much it affects the voters?. In the Blogpost from Facebook, it mentions A new research is to be conducted to analyze How Facebook and Instagram create an impact on Key political attitudes and behaviors during the US 2020 Election.

So to Conduct this study Facebook is going to pick up 300,000 - 400,000 US adults to participate in this study. 

Facebook Pays for you

According to TechSpot Facebook also pays for participants $20 per week

So now all will get a question Just Deactivating my Facebook account for a month can gain me $20 per week. But here is a small glitch.

You cannot voluntarily participate in this study. Facebook runs an Algorithm to pickup the Participants. The participants who are selected will be contacted by Facebook. 

What work Participants can expect?

The participants of this study can be asked to undergo various surveys, behavioral Data Analytics, Multiple research methods, and also changes in their user experience. For Eg: You will see fewer Ads related to Politics. Also, you will come up with new products experience.

Note: US Adults can only participate in this study.


Study Result will be published in the mid 2021


Comment your Opinion on this. Also notify whether you are part of the study..


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