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Many companies continue to adopt remote working policies in a bid to adhere to the social-distancing guidelines. While this is a reliable input towards flattening the curve, it also exposes individuals and companies to cyber threats.

Many cybercriminals are now exploiting the new normal to target internet users with malware infections.

Let’s navigate through the malware threats to be wary of and what you can do to increase your protection.

Malware challenges in the Covid 19 era

Phishing emails

Aware of our thirst for information, cybercriminals have been spreading fake emails purporting to share information relating to the virus. The phishing emails contain malicious links which once clicked on, download malware onto a user’s device.

Malicious applications

Criminals have developed and set up hundreds of malicious applications and websites which are an avenue for them to access user’s devices, and encrypt their user data in what is known as ransomware attacks.

Unsecured networks

Many companies have embraced remote work without proper network security features. Additionally, many employees use their own devices most of which are still lacking in security protections.

Hackers are using this network vulnerability to spread malicious attacks.

Tips to help you increase protection against malware

Use anti-malware software

Install a trusted anti-malware software to keep your work and personal devices secure. This software scans for potential malware threats such as spyware and ransomware by blocking and removing them instantly upon detection.

Use email scanners

Email scanning tools scan the contents and attachments for malware. Keep the Email scanners updated to keep up with the most recent threat definitions.

Keep your devices up-to-date

Keep everything on your devices (routers, mobile, and computer applications, browsers etc.) up-to-date all the time. Many updates contain security patches and are released by developers upon identification of security gaps in the previous versions.

Use a firewall

You can also increase your protection by implementing a firewall to scan and block any malicious vectors trying to penetrate your network.

Additional security software to help increase protection

Secure your network with a VPN

Installing VPN software or a VPN app in the case of mobile devices is an ideal way to keep your network safe from network snoopers. A VPN creates a private network for all your internet traffic making you invisible to the spies. 

Vulnerability scanners

Vulnerability scanners are also powerful network protection tools. A reliable one scans for critical weak-points within a network in real-time. To secure your network, the threat database of reliable vulnerability scanners are regularly updated to enable a successful scanning routine.


Staying safe against malware in the Covid era is a collective responsibility

Companies and individuals alike have recorded losses after falling for scams themed covid-19. It is no longer business as usual. Device security awareness is necessary for everyone.

Working from home distances you from the IT person. Use the above tips to make sure that your personal and work devices are safe from Covid themed malware attacks.

Hope everyone likes it. This post is a must needed one for all internet users. As Corona Virus cases Surge many companies and people are relying upon the Internet. Though the Internet has some Cool kinds of stuff at the same time they're also a major threat lies in it.

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