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While WhatsApp users now arguing about the new privacy changes. There is a major debate going on with Apple iMessage service. As you all know Apple Smartphone users get an inbuilt Messaging service called iMessage. So try to imagine if Apple provides iMessage service to Android and Windows. Is the best time for Apple to get into it?. Sure, let us detail about the possibilities.

Apple vs Facebook

From the very last month, we came across the Apple and Facebook Clash. This arises due to the major change take place in Apple privacy settings. As you all know Apple always seek to provide their users a transparent way in which how the user's data are being used across the applications. But to go beyond the next level of Privacy update Apple now allows users to view What data an Application collects about its users. So this caused Facebook a threat to its business. Because Facebook makes money by selling user data with third-party and also by its advertising business. So this change makes Facebook very vulnerable among its users. But to be noted by this change by Apple there is no assurance that Facebook can't read user data. it can collect data from apple users as before but the only thing is apple's new Privacy change might show its users how much data Facebook collects among its family of apps. There is no app that collects as much data from its users as Facebook. 

New WhatsApp Privacy change?

One of the major Privacy change is going to take place on WhatsApp from Feb 8. WhatsApp also noted that If the user does not accept our new terms and conditions it might block them from using WhatsApp. So this ridiculous change in WhatsApp shocked all of its users. So now a lot of users are finding the other best alternative for WhatsApp.

What's the Change is?

In one sentence we can say as

From February 8, 2021, What are the data collected from WhatsApp are used by Facebook Family of Apps as well as by the third parties. So there will be no end to end encryption hereafter. All the data from WhatsApp are stored on Servers. By this Facebook can understand even more about you and this can be used to target Ads etc. To know more about detailed new Privacy change fro WhatsApp Click here

Here is the image of how much data these popular messaging apps collect


Best time for iMessage to Android and Windows

So new WhatsApp Privacy guidelines and a clash with apple and Facebook. This is the right time for Apple to get into the new era. By providing their messaging service to Android and Windows platforms Apple can compete with Facebook. Compared to WhatsApp, iMessage collects only fewer data from its users. Although Apple is a brand that respects the privacy of its users. Message sent on iMessage also end to end encrypted. So this is the most suitable time for Apple to get into it.

Apple is a brand even non-Apple users tend to trust their services. So moving their iMessage to Android and Windows Ecosystem might provide a good compete with Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp.

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How many of you are waiting for iMessage for Android and Windows?



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