Secure Your Small Business Site with These Tips

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As a small business owner, you may think you don't have to worry about hackers and other cybercriminals targeting your site. The truth is that no business of any size is safe from cyber-attacks. For that reason, prioritize keeping your online home and customers safe. Courtesy of TheNextSpy, implement these helpful tips for online security and peace of mind while taking your business to the next level.
Clean Your Emails
Usually, your inbox represents your weakest entry point for attack. While you may take safety precautions with your email, the same may not be true for your employees. Your team should only use computers and devices outfitted with scanning software that checks messages for viruses and unsafe links. Also, stay current on the latest email and phishing scams. Share your findings with your employees so they're aware of what to look out for.
Work with Professionals
Just like you're a specialist in your industry, there're also cybersecurity professionals you can work with to safeguard all customer, business, and employee data on your business computers. For instance, freelance WordPress experts help protect your site and everything on it. Freelance WordPress developer rates vary depending on their experience and level of expertise. Rather than take time away from your business to handle site security, leave the job to experienced professionals, which usually yields much better and reliable results.
Keep an Eye on Personal Devices
According to The AME Group, small business owners who let employees use personal electronic devices rather than company devices should implement policies that give a network administrator leeway to update passwords, automatically install security updates, and install monitoring software. According to Business News Daily, this strategy does not involve invading employee privacy or making changes without their consent.
Use Strong Passwords
Civilians and business owners alike cannot go wrong with using strong passwords on all their accounts. The key to creating secure passwords is to use a combination of numbers, special characters, and figures. Rather than use the same sign-in for multiple accounts, it's more efficient to use a high-quality generator and management app that creates and securely stores passwords. That way, you do not have to come up with and remember multiple passwords.
Update Software
No matter the site-hosting platform you use for your company's online home, it likely undergoes regular software updates. Make a habit of regularly checking for updates designed to keep your site secure. Neglecting to either accept or install updates leaves your business open to an attack, which may not only ruin your company but also your professional reputation.
Know What to Do During an Attack
Would you know what to do if you noticed someone attacking or hacking your site? This is another reason to work with experienced IT professionals. Together, you can devise a strategy for responding to a data breach. That way, you don't have to sit and watch as a cybercriminal brings your company down right in front of your eyes.
Regularly Backup Data
Another great habit to develop is backing up company data. Aim for doing this at least once a day, both on-site and off-site, so you always have a way to recover from an online attack. Even if a hacker doesn't harm or steal your data, Mother Nature may cause a natural disaster.
Schedule time to set up safeguards and security measures for your small business. A little effort often goes a long way in keeping your operation up and running on all cylinders.

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