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What if Google destroys the market of Premium Flagship Smartphones?

Can someone feel this might happen?

The answer is Yes. The recent move by Google made this a talking topic.

As everyone knows Google is one of the Game changers for people all over the world in using Smartphones. Rapid innovation and new technologies made Google a controller of the Smartphone Market. To know how powerful is Google?. We can check with the Company named Huawei. You are all aware that Huawei was charged by the US government to spy across them using the networking products. To remediate, The US completely stops its business with Huawei as well as it asks the US companies to stop doing business with Huawei. This made Huawei stop access Google services. Imagine How a Smartphone without Google services?. Anyway, after several talks, Huawei resumed business with the US companies.

So we came across a small Story How powerful is Google?

Now let's move to the Google new changes. Whether it affects Android Flagship Smartphone Market?

Everyone is aware of Google smartphones. Initially, Google launched Flagship Google Smartphones. They are targeting the Smartphone flagship market. some products are successful and some may not. But the brand Google made powerful for their smartphone's build quality and camera's. After Google slowly moved its way around budget smartphones. Here is a thing everyone needs to note. Google not only moved its way around the Budget smartphone segment. Also, they made a major move in Playstore for Android application developers.

So let's see what is the new move by Google?

Google has announced a major change in Playstore for developers to implement a new change in creating applications by using AAB(Android App Bundle). Previously every Playstore application was packaged together with APK(Android Application Package). APK is a format that has been implemented for years to create applications that work on Android.

AAB(Android App Bundle) was initially introduced in the year 2018 by Google in Android 9.

Many will get a doubt, Why we are talking about this now. Here is an answer to that

Google has now made an announcement that Starting from August 2021 developers who want to publish a new application on Playstore must follow the new framework AAB.

Let's deep dive into AAB?

AAB(Android App Bundle) is a new framework that splits the application into bundles. For example

Previous APK package concept - If you are downloading a new application from Playstore. Damn sure it will be in APK format. So the developer needs to create a separate APK for the application suitable for smartphones, tablets, etc. But most of the developers together pile all APK in a single APK. By using the AAB route they will run specific APK suitable for the devices. So the APK consumes a larger file size. This can degrade performance.

AAB concept - In AAB unless downloading all APK. The whole application is bundled using AAB. So if you are a smartphone user you are downloading an application from Playstore. You will download only the required APK to run the application. By this you can minimize the application size as well as the application can be more lightweight. More lightweight less processing power. The application can run on lower-end devices.

So by this new approach by Google, we can predict that Google is moving its presence from the Flagship smartphones market to the Budget or lower-end smartphone segment to add more users.

Advantage of AAB

  • Many third-party Android application sites may find it harder to rip off the APK and add malicious code to it. This new change over will minimize the fake Application
  • lower-end devices can handle heavy applications.
  • Applications size can be less.
Disadvantages of AAB
  • This Change will made developers a tedious process as the Amazon app store supports APK. So developers need to rely differently on both platforms.
To conclude, we can clearly note the Google move. Google is concentrating exclusively on Low end or budget segment smartphones to acquire users and also make the Android platform even safer, reliable, and smooth.

So is there any opinion about Google's new move?

Share and comment on your opinion.

Disclaimer: This opinion is based on my personal view.

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