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What if you can watch every movie for free without subscribing to any OTT platform?

Here is a way to do that. Below are the website links to watch movies for free.

Look Movie website link - Click here to watch

More links will be updated. Stay tuned

Link 1

Link 2

OTT players are in a boom nowadays. As you all know due to the Coronavirus Pandemic OTT platform players are emerging in large numbers all over the world. In fact major OTT content providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime have gained millions of millions of users to their service. 2020 is a record-level milestone in history for all the OTT players all over the world. 

Due to Covid, the Whole world has gone through lockdowns to fight against it. So most of the people are asked to stay home to minimize the spread of Covid. But as users are staying home they need some entertainment to make them busy. This is the place the OTT platform has gained popularity.

Problem with the Paid OTT services

There are hundreds of OTT platforms across the world. But as a user one can subscribe to any one of the services or most probably two services. But each OTT provides a wide variety of content in a different fashion. Example: The movie "Wolf of the Wall" Street is available on Amazon Prime. Though it is a Super Hit movie. But the user who has subscribed to Netflix might not get a chance to watch the movie " Wolf of the Street". Since Amazon Prime has licensed the movie on its platform. Netflix is unable to afford it for the users. Likewise Sports Broadcast also works. So in this scenario, the user needs to subscribe to both Amazon Prime and Netflix. Most people can afford it. But some people weren't doing so. So the simple answer to this problem is the user needs to subscribe to all OTT platforms. But that is Impossible. 

Hereafter you can watch all movies with one site.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you a simple method to watch movies for free.

Below is the link for some of the sites to watch movies for free.

Link 1

The above sites are blocked in some countries. You can use VPN to unlock it.

I will be constantly updating the new links. Visit my blog for the latest updates.


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