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Why wasting your hard earned money in fuel? Here is a way to solve a major problem.

As you all aware that Inflation is hitting us very hard in our day today life. Due to this products from food to all essentials prices have soared to a new high levels. The main causes for this rise in food essentials prices were caused by Climate Change, War in Ukraine and moreover crude oil prices are also reach a new high.

If you are person who is working in a delivery job may feel the pain of rising petrol and diesel prices. 


Nowadays Google Maps plays a major role in our part of life. it is one of the handy tools to reach our destination on time and also salient features on it help every user a more reliable way in travel. 


But if you see people who are working in delivery jobs may tend to fail with Google maps. Because they will be visiting lot of places on daily basis to deliver. Without proper planning, they end up riding in the same place for a long time. Due to this their valuable time is wasted, and also they are wasting their fuel. 


Why waste your hard-earned money? Think Smart


Here comes an extension that can solve this problem.


This is a blog post that merely suits people whoever working in a Delivery job and also for people who are planning for a trip.


This extension is very handy if you have a lot of places to go with no plan or if you are exploring a new place. 




Routora is an extension that rearranges the Google maps route to guarantee a fast path. It rearranges your places and guarantees the best possible way possible.


Use case 1


Please download the extension in your chrome browser. Download Link 


If you are a delivery person you need to visit a lot of places to deliver daily. before starting the day go to Google maps on a laptop or PC. Add all the places where you need to deliver packages(up to 10 destinations are free in Routora). Once you added the places in Google Maps. Just click on the extension. it will analyze and provides you with the best way possible. Share the route to your Smartphone. So that you can save time and fuel.


Use Case 2 


If you are Going to travel to explore places you can use this extension to make your travel even more reliable. Just add the places which you have to visit on Google Map. Click on this extension. It provides you with the best path to travel. Which will save time and fuel. 


Below is the demo video



Steps to follow

  • Open Google Chrome on PC or Laptop.
  • Make sure to Sign in with your Gmail account in chrome.
  • Click on this link to download the extension and add to Chrome. Download link
  • After adding the extension in Chrome. Now open Google maps in Chrome.
  • Add the places which you need to travel today.

  • After adding just click on the extension to see the best possible path.

  • Share the location with your smartphone.
  • That's it. 


Save time. Save Fuel. Reduce Carbon Foot Print. Save Money.




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